Needing a Friendly Hairdryer!


Second of all, I celebrated the independence day a little bit differently today. Last year I went to the town square to take pictures of the drum bands and the flag ceremony and all the competitions held in Tegal. This year.. I mean this morning, I retreated myself and enjoyed more time taking it easy.

I did still take pictures. I had this vision to make pictures in whities. So I asked Ayu to wear her white clothing and while she was doing that, I decided to add a little complication on my look. I wanted to curl my hair, again, as proven from the last time I did it, I looked quite splendid!

Well, I came to Ayu's room after washing my hair and borrowed her Phillips Hairdryer. I put some gel on my hair and started hair drying when suddenly its fan pulled my hair and it got stuck in it!!!

I turned it off and asked Ayu to get my hair off the hairdryer but she failed to free me from the stupid thing. She said I should cut my hair but I said, "Hell, no I won't!"

I struggled with it for about another 10 minutes until I gave it up. I took her scissors and (weeping) cut my precious precious hair.

Now I have to go to the hairdresser on Sunday to have it redone. Huks.

When can I stop being clumsy?


  1. Hai Carla, salam kenal :)
    Waktu itu jg pernah sih kejadian kyk gini pas mau kondangan, cuma bkn karena hair dryer, tp karena hairspraynya keringnya lama (berhubung murahan gak sampe ceban). Jadi disisir nggulung tapi rambutnya msh basah lengket. Akhirnya rambutnya pada stuck di sisirnya, n harus digunting lumayan banyakkk. Akhirnya pergi kondangan sambil mewek2 :p

  2. Try ROWENTA, La. Di Indo ada nggak merk itu? Kalo nggak, cari di Singapore pasti ada, kamu kan sering keluar negeri. Aku juga hairdryer-user banget, berhubung rambutku bandel. The Rowenta hairdryer is not too hot (bisa disetel mau dingin, slightly hot, medium hot, very hot, or just the cold windblow like fan), dan bagian belakangnya lubang kecil2 banget jadi rambut ngga bisa stuck.

    I've had it with Philips when mine BLEW in my very own hand two years ago... I meant seriously BLEW and exploded, causing the entire FUSE of my apartment to break down and I had a blackout for one night, huhhhh.

    Udah 2 tahun pake Rowenta no complains, Mom came here and she liked it too.
    Kalo disini harganya 20-23 euro, di Indo ngga bakalan lebih dari 250 ribu deh. A bit off the normal price,tapi worth the price banget.

    Hope your precious hair grows back soon :-)


    Kapan online, mbak????

  3. Hai Martha, salam kenal juga. Kamu Martha ceweknya Denni ato Martha yang lain? (Hehehe... I don't know so many Martha's). Untung aku ga pernah pake hairspray deh. Ternyata ada ya kejadian kayak gitu. Bisa kuingat2 kalo aku bakal harus make dan teledor lagi. Haha.. Makasih ya inputnya. :D Kamu punya blog? Minta linknya donk.

    Sheila, there is no ROWENTA here! I mean I haven't checked it out on the stores yet (what.. stores in Tegal? To get the Phillips one will be quite lucky for me), but my friends (in my circle(s)) said they never heard about it, either. SO.. when are you coming home, sweety? AKU MAU NITIP DOOOOONG. :D:D:D Euro 20/25 will be quite OK.

    La.. email me your mobile number? I'll sms you when I can get online, or we can set up a time when we're both available to chat.
    Udah lama gak ngobrol ama kamu!


  4. Iya Martha-nya yg Denni :p

    Aku sering baca blognya Carla, Mariza, ama Shierly :P bagus2 postingannya hehe

    Ada blog di, tapi isinya hampir smuanya omelan sih.. (content warning :p)

  5. Waaaahhhh akhirnya in contact juga dari the real Martha! Selama ini cuma dengar cerita doang. I'll link your blog to mine so I can read your posts more (hopefully) regularly. :D

    Sama. Blogku isinya omelan mulu juga. Hehe.

    Gimana, masih betah ama Denni? Orang itu aneh banget lho.

  6. Hehehe.. thanks yah Carla, aku juga udah add link ke blog Carla di blogku.

    Pertanyaannya kebalik kyknya :D harusnya: Koq Denni msh betah ya ama aku yg 'aneh' ini :D

    Ayo Carla jadi gak ke Jakarta bln Januari..!?

  7. Sesama orang aneh memang cocok. :D

    Jakarta masih belum tau nih. Sekarang lagi pengen prospek Bali aja. Lebih asyik. Hehe.. Tp ntar kukabarin ya kalo lagi main kesana.

  8. Buset deh
    lagi2 dikata2in aku.
    Orang aneh selalu bilang orang lain aneh, soalnya dia lain sendiri :D