Are you superstitious?

I want to claim I am not, but the fact is I am sometimes. And as long as I can accept weird things that happen in everyday's life, that'll just go fine with me.

But there's something disturbing lately.

I always woke up at the same time.. 05:05. Three days in a row now. Could there be any meaning of it?
I happened to talk to Mark recently and he said it was nothing to worry about. He said it was just our biorythm and subconscous. Is it?
It could also be, he continued, a sign of our lucky number. Well... five is never my lucky number. Should it change now?

Why do I have a feeling it has something to do with a natural disaster?


  1. Nope, I'm not superstitious. Hehehe.
    There were times when I used to look at my digital alarm clock ALWAYS at 23:23, always, always at that particular time, although I didnt know why.

    And then also at 11:11. the entire week. hehehe.

    I didnt bother... so nothing happened. I guess if you didnt think/worry about it, nothing bad would happen. Just like fate :-)

  2. Same as Sheila, I always looked at my clock at 22:22 or 23:23...but I think we memorize that because it's easier to remember that you always look the clock at 23:23 than 21:34...^^'

  3. Aww.. ic ic. I guess I was just paranoid. :P

    Ah I hate it when I'm wrong. Hehe..

  4. happy birthday, mbok :D

  5. You've been tagged! baca blog-ku deh hehehe

  6. hiii ati-ati 'la, nanti tanggal 5 bulan mei (05), pasti terjadi sesuatu... !!

  7. Ih udah banyak yg terjadi kok since then.

    My seat number on the train from Tegal to Surabaya was 05D. My plane to Lombok was boarding at 17:05 (05:05 pm) and the seat number was 05C. Then on the 5th of September, got a nasty argument with someone who'd disturbed my sane mind and then bad things followed, too.

    I hope these 05 events stopped right there.