Vei and Hen's Wedding

reading: The Runaway Jury - John Grisham

OK, after vacationing in Lombok and Bali for 2 weeks, I went back to Surabaya on the sixth of September, to be there for Veve's wedding and take the pictures. I was in a rather bad mood to leave Bali, but promise is a promise. I had to go home.

It was fun to meet old acquaintances, friends and ex-workmates again after a while. A reunion, indeed. My ex-boss (Vera) and ex-colleagues at Excellogix were there. Vera even pulled my hair to make sure that it was real. She and the others always knew me as a short-haired person so they were pretty amazed that I grew my hair this long. Not surprising, I am still amazed myself everytime I see my own hair in the mirror every morning. They also made a useless comment about how weird it was for a photographer to wear sexy skirt while holding a huge heavy camera (I was using Nyo's -- oops, Lusida's -- camera). Shut up, guys. This is to prove that lady photographers can also look nice at the same time they try to make great photographs.

Then there was Lilik, a senior at Uni. I haven't seen her for ages, not that I cared that much. But it was cool to catch up with someone you almost forgot that you knew her. (haha.. Nyo, don't tell her that I said that!) Anyway, she is the Director of Studies at EFN Jember. So, in that precious supposed-to-be joyful time, we were comparing EFN Tegal and Jember, the books each school used, how many teachers and admin staff were hired, etc. Weird.

Anyway, back to the focus of this post. This wedding somewhat touched me. I followed the bride, Veve, from early morning to the late night. She looked so happy and comfortable (at least in the morning and early afternoon), and Hendry did, too! I have never seen him so smiley and excited. His unexpressive face suddenly changed to a brighter childlike one. It's amazing how such an event could change someone, huh? And still a lot of people in this fragile world think that marriage is only about a signed piece of paper.

Alright, I'm saying this not to make Hendry embarrassed, but this is the most important part of this post's issue. The wedding at the church was beautiful. Especially when the bride and the bridegroom had to declare their vows. Hendry went first. And to everyone's amazement, he was crying while he was struggling to say each word clearly. Veve was busy wiping off his tears with tissue. And after a rather long while, he managed to finish it. I eventually looked around and saw a lot of people in the church, women especially, cry with Hendry. I also realised that I was holding back a heavy amount of tears in my eyes. I swear they almost fell down my cheeks when the melancholy feeling was suddenly forced to change to a bewilderment. How was it not? It was Veve's turn to declare her vow and guess what she was doing... She was laughing out loud all the way when saying the pledge. She obviously had the same difficulty with Hendry to finish the vow, but with a completely different reaction. Again, I observed the other people in the church, and though they looked confused at first, they changed their frowns upside down and smiled with Veve in happiness.

It was just so beautiful. Made me think as well. Will I ever get the rare chance to experience such an ideal lovely wedding? Honestly, I am doubting it. Being twenty eight now, more experienced and bitter, I've lost a huge percentage of faith in true love and relationship. It needs two people to work on a lovelife. Will I be lucky enough to find one who will love me and be committed as much as I do?


  1. Good things come to those who wait :-)

    Don't worry, I'm twenty-five and halfway to being that bitter and experienced and bitchy, hehehehe.

    My point is, don't give up on love and soulmate La, they'll come to those who actually expect them the least.
    *at least I'm still consoling myself doing so*

  2. Haha... Sheila's wisdom.
    But yeah... I'm not worried. But I was rather in doubt about it. I honestly thought it would be Stephen. He came when I expected it the least. But I was wrong, of course. Too bad. Thanks for the support, though.

  3. Lucky girl ! I've never seen any wedding (maybe because in France everyone wants to avoid other's wedding...)

    I won't stop saying that : come to Paris to experiment the loveliest and reliable boy on Earth :P !

  4. Seriously? I've seen a lot of weddings! It's one of the most obligatory things to do in Indonesian social life. But I have more chances, indeed. A. Cause I am 10 years older than you, so I've got more invitations. B. You can always get invited to Indonesian weddings even if you don't know the bride and bridegroom well cause you may happen to be one of the 200 - 400 people they're inviting to the party! Hehehe...

    I'll come there I'll come there. It takes time but I will. :)