Indonesian? Not Accepted

I hate racism!

You know, when something bad happened, the other bad things could follow just as rapidly.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur this morning at 5. I went to Pudu Hostel, my favourite place compared to the other places in the area, and the Indian caretaker said that it was full. No beds, no rooms. Great!

Then I went to the next hostel, and the guy said, dorm was full, they only had rooms for RM 40. Come on, I'm only staying for a night, I don't need the whole room for that!

I checked the next hostel, and the guy said the same. They only had rooms, not dorms. Dorms were full. I asked if I could wait until 12 o'clock and see if someone checked out (I was soooo tired, guys and it was only 5:30 in the morning!). He said yes.
After a while he came to me and told me that he was not sure if he could accept me here, cause I'm an Indonesian.


I asked why he made that statement. He said cause they never had an Indonesian guest before. Normally they would only accept European people.


I'm done with all this shit.

It reminds me that a similar thing also happened in Thailand a week ago when I wanted to book a bus ticket from Bangkok to Krabi.
The girl at the travel agency said that she needed to check if I could be admitted on to the bus cause I was an Indonesian. I asked her why. Last year I could get on to any bus without any bugs. She said, "Well yes, that was last year. This year is different. We have so many riots in the southern part of Thailand, and we don't want our bus get busted."

"Well, the riots are between Malaysia and Thailand, no? What does Indonesia have to do with it??"

"Cause it is a religious matter. Indonesia is a muslim country. So I need to check just to make sure everything will be alright."

"Guess what, I'm not taking your bus. Bye bye."

So Indonesia is a muslim country? Alright, it probably has 85% of its huge population muslims, but what about the other 15%?
Is MUSLIM written on my forehead or what? Or is it the automatic assumption once you open my passport? And why do all muslims get to get the bad names just because a very small percentage of the community mess around? Why do Indonesians (whether muslims or not) get all these troubles just because we are INDONESIANS?

Can't I be proud of being an Indonesian any longer?



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