one of the so many reasons why wars exist...

I hate Indon blog.

I was fuming when I read the most recent post which summarized why the owner of this blog hated Indon -- a sarcastic addressing of Indonesian people (by Malaysian), more in the sense of Indonesians being the overseas workers (read: domestic maids) in Malaysia, which carries the low appreciation in the country's society.

I had to honestly agree with some of those points, but I was patriotically infuriated, nevertheless. Until I read the comments, most of which were posted by Indonesian people with piling rage (blushes to the language they used!).

Then it brought me to reality that... this is a circular thing. I mean... are the Malaysians really that brutal or was there anything else behind this insulting piece of writing? Indonesian did create this (Maling = thief) in response to the case of the "shared" history between both countries, each of which claims to own the heritage culture of say... batik, traditional songs (Rasa Sayange) or even language! So aren't we also brutal then?

And a few years back, similar things also happened, no?

It will never ever stop, will it? The jealousy both Indonesia and Malaysia have for each other. Now I kind of understand why most of the hostels in Kuala Lumpur kicked me off (post: Indonesian? Not Accepted) when I was trying to get a bed there just this year, solely because I am an Indonesian.



  1. adoohh 'laa.. blogmu saiki kok abot-abot postinganeee ???

  2. naturally, ey.. sebenernya dari dulu aku suka kok yg seperti ini. tp selalu dapat komplain persis sama yg kamu tulis. jadi ga pernah nulis terlalu banyak yg beginian berdasarkan minat pasar. :P

    you don't need to necessarily comment if you don't like it, my dear. masih ada blog yg lucu2 dan asyik dan santai seperti punya pre-chan, shierly, sheila, mariza dll. :) i'll write anything i like based on my mood, okie?

  3. i have ever made a posting about this phenomenon, which i named it brothers syndrome". i maybe wrong, but the negative sentiment between people in the countries will remain there for many years to come.

  4. I can't access that brothers syndrome post. But it'll be always there, alright.