Listed on Indonesia Matters

Indonesia Matters is the only blog that we (Carol and I) need to frequently (daily!) check for Fabio. Its content is mostly about serious but interesting matters that are happening in Indonesia (mostly of politics, religion and other big stuff about the country). For you who despise politics in general, it may not appear as a quite interesting blog whose RSS you want to subscribe, but if you like intelligent topics, this site is a good one to read. I'm most interested in reading its rather sarcastic contents and hilariously funny comments and/or arguments that were dropped by the visitors of the blog. So bottomline is I really recommend you to read this blog!

Today I just happened to do the newsbrief of Indonesia (and not the other countries) so I browsed Indonesia Matters. And there, it listed a huge number of Top 100 Indonesian blogs (or of expats who live in Indonesia). I continued surfing on the English-written blogs section, and there! My blog is listed there #58 (at the moment I checked it), with its page rank from Google, Yahoo and other search engines!!! I don't know about you, but I think it was soooo cool.

I realise that I don't post blogs too often (I'm terribly busy!), but this encourages me to keep this blog alive. So expect another post soon! Yay!


  1. Hahahaha, congrats ya Carla!!!

    Huhuhuhu, blog-ku baruuu ae tak-restricted. Andai nggak , pasti masuk list juga, hahahahaha *ngga penting, dasar narcist!*

    Btw I recommend the website to a particular someone, since I figure it's a great site and great list of blogs to give insider tips on living in INdonesia!!! Hehehehe..

  2. GR! hehe... well I saw some visits linked by Indonesia Matters from the traffic live feed. Interesting. I mean to pick me out of a hundred blogs. :P

    But most importantly, do I know this person? ;-)

  3. see what i meant with my post quite some time ago??? ..

    congrats ya la .. ikutan bangga :)

  4. Thanks, Mia. But which post again? You don't have only one or two posts, you know. :D