These people live in a village with hay roofs close by the central tourism area -- which is not like the other over crowded hype tourist places you imagine -- in Kuta, Lombok.

Ana, the woman, has 3 children. Her first two are twin girls who were very shy in the beginning, but became very excited when shown their pictures on my LCD screen.

Most East Lomboknese live their live from fishery and soy bean farming. Every now and then you'll notice some neat row of soy bean in branches being dried in the sun in front of traditional Lombok houses.


  1. rumah di belakangnya itu menarik sekali, kek rumah suku sasak. pasti adhem banget bobok di dalemnya...

  2. berhubung ini di lombok, kayake memang rumah suku sasak lens. yang pasti bukan suku dayak ato batak, kan? pernyataan aneh.

  3. sapa tau di lombok ada suku lain selain sasak :p, layaknya di pulo jawa ada suku jawa dan sunda hahaha