Europa Park

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Vincent and I enjoyed our Holland trip and we wished we could stay longer. But Tuesday evening we would have to attend a BBQ invitation from Vincent's friend, Pascal. So we went back to Strasbourg after a two-night stay in Velserbroek.

The weather was crappy when we had the barbecue, so Pascal covered his backyard with the roof. He was sort of cute when he changed his top with a Bintang tees and said, "It reminds me of Bali when I wear this. I want to go to Bali again!"


Wednesday the 13th, we stayed the whole day in the apartment lazying around. We went to this very traditional (according to me) restaurant with Vincent's mum and ate flows of flammenkuchen (not sure if that's the right spelling). It's like a very, very thin square pizza with different kinds of topping. I like the cheese and bacon topping the best. You don't cut it in triangle shape, though. You will need to cut it in rectangles and roll the piece. It's soooooo good!

Europa Park, Germany

14 August 2008. It was Vincent's birthday!!!

But we had to leave early in the morning for Europa Park. We were going with Vincent's friend Pierre and his girlfriend. Vincent had been very ecstatic about it. He had not gone there for years. He already imagined himself going on super fast rides and all. Being supportive, I showed a positive spirit. Of course, I preferred to egotistically spend the day alone with him. But he was too cute when he was excited so... I thought it would be cool. I mean Europa Park, come on! I'd like to see it.

I'm afraid I did not particularly mention beforehand to Vincent and his friends that I hated rollercoasters. So they were rather disappointed when I told them I wasn't joining for the rides. I felt bad because it was Vincent's birthday and I was supposed to have fun with them. I did try to get into this small rollercoasters for children called Pegasus, but I was so scared as hell. Then I refused to take any other rollercoasters.

We did go on separate ways when they were taking Mercedez Benz ride. I'd rather take pictures around! So I took this skytrain and went around the amusement park. It was pretty cool to see the miniature-sized theme countries there. I liked the Greece theme. The buildings and textures are so beautiful (to me) so that it attracted me to visit it one day. But anyway... that meant I broke my promise to stay not too far from the Mercedez Benz Hall. When Vincent and friends got off the ride, they couldn't find me and I was in the other part of the huge park. Vincent became worried and that resulted to his refusal to leave me alone.

I thought it was unnecessary. I'm a big girl and I think I can take care of myself. And if we had to be together all the time in that park, it was either I gave in and took those scary rides to make Vincent happy, or I made him take "safer" rides like the train around the park (it's not even a ride!). The latter was the one that happened. It didn't make me proud, really. I hated myself for being so selfish. But rollercoasters do make me sick. And I broke half of my tooth when riding one of them before. Because the fact is: the more scared I am, the more silent I'd be. When I'm silent while everybody else is screaming out loud, it'll cost me something. Like gritting my own teeth too hard...

Anyway, Pierre and Gaelle were taking the Silver Star (favourite stuff there I think) and I saw Vincent watching them sadly when they were queuing. And he did look so bored when we took Euro Tower because I wanted to take panoramic photos.

I know. I sucked. Big time.

The fact that I couldn't make my boyfriend as happy as he should have been on his birthday pissed me off. Plus the fact that it was already past midday and I hadn't had any single breakfast, brunch or lunch made me in such a bad mood that I did not behave very nicely.

I sucked again and I am full of excuses, yes. Sigh.

Anyway, I did like Europa Park. I just didn't enjoy the rollercoasters, that's all. I especially liked Cassandra's Curse in Spain section. We were brought into an illusion room and it felt like the room was going upside down. Pierre got dizzy in that room.

The funny thing, though, Vincent was trying to win me a doll at this ball-throwing stall. He bought some coins and with them tried to hit the targets. The only thing you could win that was by having 3 successful hits in a row. But fact #1, Vincent sucks at it. Fact #2, Pierre, too. I was curious so I asked if I could try it.

And YES, ladies and gentlemen, I threw the ball three times and didn't miss any single shot. I KICKED THE GUYS' ARSES! Gaelle was laughing out loud and teased Pierre and Vincent. In French, but I could guess it. So I won Bibou, that's the name of the big bird below. And because there is no way I could bring that back to Indonesia, I gave it to Vincent as a birthday present. Hihihi...

Vincent's defeated face and his birthday present

The winner

007 Carla and Bibou.

Bibou at Europa Park

So Vincent and I went home smiling anyway. With some partial guilt still lingering in my head and heart.


  1. First of all, it's STRASSBURG (double S and without 'O'), and it's FLAMMKUCHEN (flamed cake -- pretty German name, don't you think?)

    Second of all, yes you SUCKED big time!!!!

    What kind of person does not like Europa Park??? Nor rollercoaster rides, for that matter? I LOVED Europa Park and it was literally THE place where I had my first date with M, and the dinner in Strassburg afterwards!!!
    The Silver Star was AWESOME!!!
    I can't believe you're a chickenshit when it comes to rollercoaster rides, you, Carla, being so brave and selfish and stone-headed and all!!!

    M: "I would have dropped you off and enjoyed myself, you could take pictures all by yourself and we'll meet at the exit" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, but I guess Vincent is too sweet to do that.

    Anyway... I guess I'm expecting the posting with OUR weekend after this????

  2. Aku dulu juga suka rollercoaster, tapi g tau mulai kapan jadi g suka dibolak balik..
    btw, aku kok g pernah liat si vincent senyum sih...kok merengut terus :D

  3. Sheila: Live at present and not in the past. As I said in your blog, it's STRASBOURG with ONE S and an O! The city belongs to France and it initially did belong to France until the sadistic Nazy Germany took it over. So you and M have to learn to accept the fact. :D

    Me chickenshit? Who doesn't dare to wear tampons???? Such small things and yet so scary for you.

    M: thank God, I'm not your girlfriend. hahaha...

    And yes, next (soon) is about your visit.

    Jus: Yeah, almost everyone said that. Vincent thinks that the smiling him on photos is not good. I tried to convince him that it wasn't true. Tapi ya dia ngeyel ae. Gak PD lak de'e sebenernya ok juga kalo senyum di foto. :P

  4. Anonymous6:33 pm

    TSSSS... babay, this day was perfect don't worry......


  5. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! And I miss you so much. X(