The first three days in Strasbourg

Watching: Family Guy 1st Season


I'm still having a hard time believing that I'm in France. The first days I had mixed feelings of happy, excited, loved and in love. That seemed to suffuse my physical state where I was super tired from the long journey, stresses I had before leaving and my body sort of rejected the fact that I was 6 hours behind Bali now. Obviously Vincent loves me too much that he hardly sounded any objection of my waking up at 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning!

Anyway, Sunday we went to Vincent's mum's. She was going to cook dinner for us. I was ready with my bribes: 5 pieces of necklaces and kecap Bango.

I was anxious. Not really that nervous, but it was supposed to be sort of important dinner. To be honest, that was the first time I met the mother of a boyfriend. I never had it in the past... and when I came to think about it, I realised that I never really had a REAL relationship before! That is if you link real with seriousness. And seriousness with meeting the parents of your partner. Not that it bothered me. But it was quite "new" to me. I didn't dare to imagine the worst, but I wouldn't expect for the best, either. I mean... I don't speak any single French and she doesn't speak any English word. What a perfect first dinner!

We left 3 hours earlier before the dinner date because I wanted to take some photos of me and Vincent. What was so cute was that he did whatever I wanted. He didn't mind me choosing the clothes he was supposed to be wearing for the photoshoot, and he was quite a patient first-time model.

Of course, the great photographer me also counts. That made the whole session fun and enjoyable.

[Me and Vincent at the photoshoot. Aren't we freaking cute???]

At 6 o'clock we arrived at Vincent's mum's place.
His mum seemed to be a cheerful, friendly woman. That was nice. I needed as much positivity as possible since the communication wouldn't go that smoothly. Of course I had Vincent to translate what we said to each other. But still....

She liked my gifts and so she took me to her bedroom and asked me to pick one sweater among 5 (or 6?) that she knitted herself. She never expected Vincent to date a petite girl, I suppose, for the sweaters are either too long on the waist or too long on the arms, or both. I chose the green one. NICE!

So I suppose the dinner could be categorized as a SUCCESS! Not with flying colours, but at least I passed it.



  1. So it's about time to learn French as a THIRD foreign language, my dear petite friend!!!!!

    I already suspected that French knowledge would come to an advantage one day, therefore I prepared myself waaaaaaaaaaay long time ago!!!!

    I also suspected that DUTCH, if anything, won't be too useful, so you might wanna drop your Dutch knowledge and start learning parler Francais as your third language for the best of your future, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    (please don't mention the irony and the sarcasm, hahahahahaha)

    I'll see you next week, CAN'T WAIT!!!

  2. njentit ngono gak pegel tah 'la? :D

  3. Sheila... shut up. And see you tonight. :)

    Valens, kamu ini sudah berkutat sama kamera dari zaman indonesia sek ga karuan, ttp ae ga tau lak pake timer itu cuma 10 detik! aku ga capek njentit wong cuman 5 detik palingan. sisa 5 detik yang buat lari ke tempat si Vincent itu yg capek. ih!

  4. oalah cuma pose gae poto-poto tok tah, tak kiro tenanan hihihi