48 Hours in Bali

The article I worked so hard for the Vietnamese East and West magazine is up! Both in prints and online. Prints are only available in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. I guess if you want to push it, there may be some in Jakarta, but I'm not sure. If you fly with Lufthansa, you'll find it in this May 2009 edition.

I take the credit of both text and photographs, though some are of the courtesy of Mozaic restaurant.

Download the article here.



  1. Very Nice work!

    I'm very happy for you...


  2. Hey, you got it when you fly Lufthansa for May edition?? I'm going to fly to Zurich next weekend, with Lufthansa for sure, want me to get the printed edition for you?? I can get two or three, provided that they have the magazines on regional flights!!!

  3. Kenny: thank you!!! you've always given me a support on my work. i appreciate it. :)

    Sheila: oh yes, please!!! Vincent is flying to Vietnam next week but not to Hanoi where the main headquarter of the magazine is, but Ho Chin Minh. I hope he can get or find some there, but not too sure. Just in case, please pick as many copies as you can. lol. i'll owe you a homemade pork curry for that! xxx