I'm terrible at gardening. I mean I never bothered to try. Just to imagine how dirty my hands would set me off in the very first thought of gardening.

But my new place is too big and dark and dull without plants. So I bought a pot of beautiful fresh yellow chrysanthemums last month. I was happy for 2 weeks, but I got reckless. I forgot to water the chrysanthemums for 3 days and they soon were looking like they were dying. I saw 2 buds that were becoming grey and I immediately tried to save them. I threw away the dying/died clumps of the chrysanthemum so that the soil could provide maximum nutrition for the buds. And I forced myself to water them everyday. I think I saved them. For now.

Then I thought maybe I didn't have a chemistry with flowers. So I bought three more pots of green plants (with no flower). One took a week to dry up and look dying. But the other two are going strong. [Yay!]

So since I had died plants some of which I threw away, that means I had unused soil. Once when I was cooking, I saw that my garlic was running bad. And the brilliant me came up with this genius idea, not to throw the garlic away, but to put it inside the unused soil to grow.

I watered it everyday and in three days I could already see the bud sprouting out of the ground. I was soooo.... excited to see it! This one worked!! I'll see if it stays alive one more week, and I may plant some seeds of chili, onion, lime etc! This way I don't need to go to Carrefour anymore to buy these kinds of ingredients!


  1. hahahahahaha. so flowers are out, now here comes herbs and greens???!!!!

    I still love flowers though. Martin likes herbs. He has leek, basil, and god knows whatnot at his kitchen window and simply pick some when he cooks. I'm not used to picking things from the pot and throwing them into my frying pan so I'll stick to my flowers hhehehe.

    Although I manage to kill my plants almost all the time. So far some have survived in my balcony but the ones inside the room are dying and not looking good either. I wonder if it's because I water them not regularly (every other day, if I remember) or because once I do water them, I tend to DROWN them with lots of water --- you know, practical reason. If you give them enough drink they don't need to drink for the next 3 days rite????????? That's economical.
    Huhhh plants don't understand economics.


  2. I suppose it's much related to your real passion. My real [house-related] passion is cooking. Same with Martin. So anything that will come down to making a better food will interest us. And even you have to agree that the freshest ingredients make the best dish.

    I understand your "economical" point of view. I'm being economical too by throwing away my impossible-to-use-anymore stuff in my fridge into the soil. hihi...