I know, it's a week late greeting. But better late than never? :)

The fact is I was too occupied with entertaining my brother and the whole siblings in my house. I was excited before they came, but when they were actually here, it was a total BLAST! We had fun like we never did before. Here are some photos I took during my brother's vacation in Bali:
At Sticky Fingers, Echo beach

Merlin, Michael's girlfriend

The three of us, the grown up version

Michael and Merlin

At NYE dinner at Laurence's house
And here is one shot of the fireworks I took on New Year's Eve.
And the new kitty I adopted as Vincent's Christmas/New Year present. I made a blog just for him/her/it here.
My brother and his gf are gone now so I get busy with that kitty blog and my recipe blog.


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