About Updating Blogs

I do realise that I am not that of a super frequent blogger. My interests fluctuate very easily and my focus gets distracted as soon as I find a new toy to play with (such as the Wii Fitness games), to work with (recently being photography and website content copywriting of The Berry Hotel) and to experiment with (food recipes, new photography tricks, etc.). I spent so much time for the latter lately. I've got super cooking kick that I cook and bake almost every day, trying out all the different recipes that my cookbooks and some favourite food blogs share. If I do the cooking during the daytime, I'd take photos of the result and share them + the recipes in my food blog. But most of the time, I cook in the evening and due to the lack of light and the fact that I am always kinda tired and hungry after the whole act of cooking, I don't take photos of the foods, and therefore they never got published in the food blog.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with being busy in all senses; i.e. those that make money and those that don't but sharpen my skills. But one thing that I need to improve is to be more organised with work (freelancing can create such a mess when you have projects all over the place) and to frequently update my blogs. I stumbled upon this blog that gives great tips to overcome those times when you don't feel like blogging. I know some of you have this period once in a while (at least I know Sheila does! LOL. And when she's absent for soooo long, she'd write to her readers on Facebook that she finally updates her blog after decades and please check out the link and leave some comments). Of all my good blogging friends, one that I find update her blog rather frequently is Shierly. Yes, she is lucky and blessed with so many interesting happenings in her life. But then again, I think I am too. Even at the worst moments, they are still things to blog about. But I didn't. Why was that? I think it has something to do with the length of blog post we do. The longer it is, the better mood we need to finally type down here. Often I had this discouragement to blog because I felt that I had to blog long or I felt that I needed to take some pictures first before I blogged. These are unnecessary feelings that we should cut back. And really, more people are actually interested to read your blog if you keep it neat and to the point (which I find hard to do sometimes). Well, now I am going to commit to more frequent blogging - long or short, with pictures or without - so readers won't get disappointed when they click this blog link and there is no actual update.

In the mean time, let me share you some things that highlighted my life in the past month:
happy and proud to have one of my pictures in a street billboard

spoiling Mouche and making her fat with the constant food I put in her bowl

falling in love with these children booklets Vincent bought me from France
So how are you doing?


  1. I know what you mean with being lazy to blog ;). I had that all the time...! At the moment I am quite active in the blogging world because I am currently crazy about bento making - but I don't know how long this would last...!

  2. Yeah, same thing with me and the food blog. Last night for the first time in 2 months I didn't feel like cooking. Hopefully that won't put a halt to the whole cooking/baking/blogging.