Small Earthquakes

There have been small earthquakes in Bali that started to happen a few days before the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. I kind of already guessed that these series of small earthquakes (from 4 - 6 richter scale) were leading to something bigger. One was started in Japan, the next one, I don't know when or where. Some friends were calling me if they should indeed have to worry about this. Before any confusion happens, I am NOT some earthquake expert and I have no idea why these very paranoid friends called me about it, as if I was someone working for BMKG (Badan Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika) and as if I should have known more than the average people watching CNN should. Anyway, I was not worried, and I told these friends that, as Bali is sort of tucked away from the open waters, where tsunami is likely to happen. Earthquakes, however, is a different matter.

There was another small earthquake last night again, scaling at 4.8 richter. It was not big enough to rattle my windows as it did before that Japan tsunami, but it wasn't small enough to let me sleep undisturbed. Just minutes after midnight, I woke up as the earth shook again. I was so sleepy and tired and my headache still lingered, but I felt like I had to stay awake and just be aware in case another one coming up. Fortunately it didn't happen. So I went back to bed and returned to my nightmare.

In the mean time, I am glad that Shierly and family is in Surabaya now. Yes, they will go back to Japan sooner or later, but in the time being, Surabaya seems to be a safer place for them (despite the scorching heat and its thieves).


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