Grateful to be Madame Chanliau :)

Day 81 of 365 grateful days project:

"I am grateful that I am now a Madame Chanliau and that the wedding madness is over."

The great thing about getting married is the first 6 months after the engagement/proposal. Everything was bright and positive and we were back madly in love like the first time we met.

However, reality stroke 2 months before the wedding and the stress escalated bit by bit until the last minute of the act of "walking down the aisle." And all this was because I planned and organised my own wedding with 120 invitees.

Now I fully grasp the term Bridezilla and why it was invented at all. It was so easy to choke on someone during these crazy times when nothing seemed to go right on track. I would proudly say I was not one, though. I was impatient at times, yes, but I was so far from being a bridezilla.

BUT, all the little details that seemed so important before became nothing when my husband to be fell sick only 3 days before the wedding. The visits to wedding vendors and venue were changed to clinic, lab and hospital. Fortunately he is a strong man. He could stand still at the end of the aisle while I was walking nervously to him to see if he would faint at all. He looked white and thin and sick and he trembled a little bit; but he managed to declare the wedding vow. 

After the ceremony, everyone relaxed, including us, and we started to believe that everything was going well. Very well, even. I have to correct it once again, it was the coolest wedding I've ever attended! And it was ours! VICTORY!!!

To make me stop blahblah-ing, here is a video to the wedding. :)


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