365 Grateful Days Project

I've been feeling very blessed lately. Everything (well, almost) works out well and that plays a significant role in keeping my mood and happiness level high. So I'm thinking to have this 365 grateful days project, where I should write down (or type down) here what makes me happy or blessed today.

From the various 365 days projects that people do, be it photography, handycrafts, etc. I see that people find significant progress within themselves or their skills. Me, I just don't trust myself to be able to be that discipline. My interests keep fluctuating and it's very hard sometimes to just focus on one thing for a few hours, leave alone the whole year. But I'm willing to try. Though my first try wouldn't be on photography since it can easily turn me down just to think that I have to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer every day, fuss and get confused where I put the card reader the last time, then do a slight editing to the photo I'm going to post. So I'll just stick to the simple one line grateful project. I figure by the end of the project, I can be more discipline and used to post a blog every day and most importantly, be more positive in seeing things in life. Even in the darkest days, there should be one good thing to be grateful about. And this one good thing is often missed and clouded by the unfortunate event we might be dealing with. If only we can just see it and be grateful about it, pretty sure the day won't feel that heavy.

So my first grateful day is:

"I'm grateful that I find a way to make me realise that I should be grateful of my life every day."