Clumsiness #2

I was bored this morning. So as usual, I came downstairs and annoyed my other workmates. I had my glass of water with me and filled it in with cold water.

Being satisfied with playing around with Jus, Bo, Sinta, Vanie and Yendy, I wanted to go back upstairs. I was not really in a rush. But everytime I felt pretty happy I tended to walk faster -- which in this case I made a little run on the stairs.

Being clumsy as usual, I slipped. It was not a noisy fall, but I felt my leg hurt. Holding the pain I checked the front of my leg and there was a little bruise. It was just an exact moment when I found out that my little right finger bled! I tried to take away the blood with my other hand but it wouldn't go. It bled inside the skin! *cry*

It was swollen almost right after the accident. And it hurt as hell. Mariza suggested to poke it with a safety pin that she "found" somewhere on her messy office desk, but the other workmates downstairs told me not to, cause of the risk of having an infection. THAT scared me off. So I decided not to do anything with it.

When it was almost noon, people were telling me: If you don't get the blood out, you may gain a tumor or cancer, Carla.



  1. yekkk.. nggilani fotone.

  2. Turut berduka cita La ...
    Sayang, hari senin 29th kemaren ke SUB nya cuman setengah sehari aja. 06.15 am berangkat, 10.30 am Pulang. Kan, bisa tak bawain oleh-oleh minyak sumbawa.

  3. aduuhh... kasian...


    HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... another clumsiness... i'd like to read more of it..

    wah telat baca blog mu La, jadinya pas ketemu kemaren blom sempet ngejekin jentikmu.. wakakakakaa..