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Hi! What do you think about the enourmous raise of the petrol price lately?
  • Choking
  • Stressing
  • Annoying
I can relate. It hasn't been so long since the government raised the gas price for the sake of the education and health fund allocation, and now we have to face another raise, which was caused by the global worldly price raise.

It sucks alright. But what can we say? This kind of thing is unavoidable. So instead of being one of those "empty" protestants, who would just throw stones and burn tyres, which resulted to nothing, I'd like to offer another more peaceful alternative.

Alright, first of all, the facts. What have we got here?
Petrol price raise is always a rather fatal issue. When it increases, the prices of other things are automatically following. Rice, meat, vegetables, housings, transportation, clothes, school, basically everything. While on the other hand, the salary of the employees all over Indonesia do not get any raise; fancy a salary raise, more PHK (disemployment) is the most likely occurence here. Or even if it does, it will take some time and mass strike until it's granted. It's sad but it happens.
Fact # 2 is that it drives more crimes in the country. More people get devastated and hungry. Jungle's rule is taking over and attacking other people to survice is more acceptable, if not understandable. It's just so hard for everyone.

Now I'm going to limit the subject. It's practically almost impossible to ask our people to calm down and be cool. I'll let our president and his cabinet think about that.
But to solve a little transportation problem, as one of the oh-so-many effects of the petrol price raise, let's do some rough mathematics over here.
  • By car (before the raise): Rp 120,000 per week = Rp 480,000 per month
    By car (after the raise): Rp 200,000 per week = Rp 800,000 per month
  • By motorcycle (before the raise): Rp 15,000 per week = Rp 60,000 per month
    By motorcycle (after the raise): Rp 30,000 per week = Rp 120,000 per month
  • By public transportation (before the raise): Rp 66,000 per week = Rp 264,000 per month
    By public transportation (after the raise): Rp 96,000 per week = Rp 384,000 per month
Phew... Those numbers are scary.

Anyway, if you concern much about your health and the shape of your body, let's add up to your list a fitness monthly subscription as much as Rp 275,000 (before the raise).

Before you read the next passage, please bear in mind that this suggestion is only for those who wish to balance their dying money flow. If you are in the possession of enough or much money, do NOT claim to me that it's ridiculous for me to say this for you still have a comfortable car. (Whoever in this good earth wouldn't want comfort?)

Ok, let's continue our discussion.

What's the solution of this transportation problem?
A bicycle.

Yes, a simple bicycle.
The early means of transportation using the almost endless energy of our legs.

  • A decent new bicycle will cost you about Rp 370,000, with almost no budget for its maintanance -- cheap.
  • A fitter body is what you'll get when you take your bicycle to get from one place to another periodically.
  • Fresher air and a friendly nasal environment when most people do this.
Minuses (as objected by some female co-workers):
  • bigger legs
  • sweaty dirty look after cycling
  • tired
  • unsafe
It's your choice. But I have to say that I feel much better after cycling to work for a few weeks now. I feel healthier, face brighter and better in financial.
The only thing I hope is that more people will use the bicycles to achieve better air. We need more oxygen in Indonesia; and no more carbon-dioxide.

Thus, this post...


  1. sempet mikir urusan 'mengayuh' kaki juga sih...tapi........kalo kantor pindah k sby barat.....???????HUEEEEEKKKKKK :(

  2. iyo. aku dhewe ya pusing. pindah kok ke ujung dunia. belum macete, belum banjire. puhhh!!!

  3. Lovely post, but may I suggest that "sweaty dirty look after cycling" is a plus and not a minus.

  4. Excellent, excellent! I'm an old fogey who's too scared of the traffic nowadays to use my bicycle - so I've got myself a (freecycled!) tricycle instead now.

    (Freecycle is another environmentally friendly idea - do a web search for freecycle.)