You can't be too amazed with a Mr. Know-it-All. One thing they should have been learning is: to stop their stupid mouth in saying something so simple, matter-of-factly, elementary knowledge thing, just to impress their speaking partner.

Which fails miserably.

Here's a (translated) chat with a guy who claims himself as a photographer.


BlaBla, invites you to view his or her webcam.
Deny.. [clicked]

BlaBla: do u see my chubby face yg little2 blacky ?
Carla: i didn't accept it
Carla: it's not allowed.
Carla: i'm at the office
[didn't Yahoo! send you a denial message from me, Mr. Smartie?]

BlaBla: i'm just trying a new webcam
BlaBla: they said it was "super", but it's slow...
Carla: your connection is
BlaBla: maybe... the colours suck. they definitely are not sharp and crispy...
BlaBla: so ugly
BlaBla: rubbish...
BlaBla: there's no even single detail
Carla: so what the hell do you want? a pro 8MP digital camera?
Carla: it's a webcam, for pity's sake
BlaBla: no no.. canon 20D is enough for me.



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  1. Ha5..nyebelin :). Definitely not a nice partner for chit-chatting.

    Tks 4 dropping by, Carla.