Bye, Den

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Denni Permadi Gautama.

He was a co-worker at Excellogix, the website publisher company I'm working at at present. On 31 October 2005 he officially resigned from Excellogix, to pursue a bigger career in Jakarta, so we made this little gathering before going home.

We usually have a kind of testimonial time when someone's out. But with Denni, we never have anything usual. He's a person who always bluntly comments (most of the time, negatively) over people's personality or work. And with Denni, we are forced to do the same to him (to defend ourselves). Naturally there have been just too many testimonials being exchanged during his two-year time here. So the session was skipped.

We spent most of our time taking his pictures, together or with one of us. The other members had some design printed on a white T-Shirt we gave him as a farewell gift (+ our signatures), and he was forced to wear it at once.

I guess I'll skip the details and jump to a more interesting thing that we didn't do at the farewell party: testimonial over Denni.

Well, I always know him as a big guy who adores food and computer games more than anything in the world. His brain seems to be made of millions of tiny, delicate, smart computer chips built in the computer and his mouth is as fast and sharp as a two-headed knife. The two things above have made him particularly most peculiar among the other workmates. Not sure if that means positive or negative, but I guess from the amount of things he's got for leaving this office -- the personalized T-Shirt, a pencil drawing of him and his girlfriend from Iyem and Freddy, a self-designed wall decoration from us, and later from me a new website layout for his blog -- he's more well-liked than hated. Or is it the other way around? He got much more things than the other ex-workmates cause we encourage him to leave? Hahaha.. Naw, just kidding.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Denni for taking me home when we were still in night shift. Our houses are somewhat in the same track, but he still had to go around much farther in order to drop me at home. Thank you for helping me out in some complicated PHP codes. Thank you for listening to my rants. Thank you for being a matching debate sparing partner. Thank you for the foods you shared. Thank you for being a relatively, annoyingly but truly honest person (we need more of that type in this country). Thank you for being yourself.

Good luck with your love and career in Jakarta. And bye... for now. :D



  1. What a nice farewell letter! And honest, too

  2. "and later from me a new website layout for his blog"
    still waiting impatiently :-w