Carla is a Cat

Got this from Juz' page. Just for fun and the questions are really crappy, but I guess the result is pretty correct. :D Except the hiding my true feeling.. I used to when I was younger, but not anymore.

You are a cat person. You are independant and very
self-rigious. You have a mind of your own and
are not afraid to show it. You tend to hide
your true feelings and get frustrated (easy).

Who are you inside?


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  1. Hehehe...I ended up a cat person as well...and I love the wallpaper! Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time!

  2. another quiz thing? ini lagi ngeclick link-nya. Jadi pingin tau juga.

  3. Hey, sorry I missed you last night! :)