Kenjeran Beach in Shots

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It's been so damn busy weeks!
Unfortunately not in the sense that I was being productive at work.
My boss held this contest of submitting the most good quality posts at our company's new celebrities forum. The 5 top post-ers will get 5 shopping vouchers from Sogo, Matahari and Carrefour. And though at first I was not so interested in joining the crap where I've known almost nothing about celebrities, I want a pair of walking/hiking shoes. So I was determined to win one of the vouchers. If I can get the shoes I want cheaper, why not?
It turned out that it was not a quality forum after all. Especially because of the existence of this member called shadow. There's no doubt that he goes for the vouchers my boss was offering, cause he replied basically almost every post, without even understanding what the post was discussing about. His comments are simply lame, boring and particularly un-clever it made the other members quickly lose their patience. Including me.
But anyway, it was over yesterday (thank God) and the winners were announced today. I'm in the second place (YAY, a Rp 400,000 voucher), and shadow is in the first. Still, it was kinda disappointing that Vera didn't check the so-called quality posts. She shouldn't have mentioned it at all in the beginning if she didn't plan to check it. If quantity was what mattered the most, I wouldn't put so much mind into making clever posts.

Last weekend was great, though. I was invited to join a photo hunting with the Surabayan photographers in Kenjeran beach. There were two sessions, sunrise and models. It was the biggest Surabayan photo hunting sessions, they said. Attended by about 30-40 photographers, I sure met a hell lot of cool people there. The knowledge sharing was nice, too. Though the jokes were SO typical men ones (there were probably only 5 female photographers there), it was all fun and interesting. I shot soooo many cool pics it really made my day.
I was pretty suffering from waking up too early, though (4 in the morning), but it was definitely most satisfying.

My body hurt all over as soon as I got home. I guess the "falling" session I had earlier took part in being one of the causes. Yeah... audience, the FOURTH [reported] Carla's most popular clumsiness is ON!!!
I was trying to get a better angle in shooting the sunrise at that time, so I climbed a sort of cement bridge. I was pretty much absorbed in the particularly astounding view in front of me and my camera I forgot that I was standing in an unlevel ground. When I was done with my shots, I turned my body and swayed my foot to find a different place to shoot. The next thing can easily be predicted.
I fell. In front of about 7 random visitors there. Nobody helped me, of course. Instead, a bakso seller mocked me sarcastically, "Lapo seh kok tibo, mbak?" -- translation: Why did you fall, Miss?
Why did you think I would INTENTIONALLY fall, asshole? Didn't you see it was an accident?

I left the stupid laughing people and went on shooting. My knees were bruised bluish purple and they really hurt, but I was too excited to worry about it.

Official report on Jawa Pos, Surabaya local newspaper: [link]
And from forum..

ANYWAY... here are some of the shots I did.


  1. kok mesti diguyu tukang bakso, tukang becak, dan sejenisnya toh...hahaha...kamu punya fans la....*surprised me :P

    anyway...those pics are nice shots...but i think the results can't be categorized into your top photos. you can be much better than this.
    (*rasae tata bahasaku g karu2an...tapi u ngerti toh..hehehe)

  2. yah semoga si shadow itu bisa hidup dengan tenang la :) anyway, congrats on the 2nd place. i know u tried hard ;)

  3. Wuikk manise rek model-e :))) punya data lengkapnya gak 'la ? telpon ato apa gitu ... heuheuheu. nice shot.

  4. to petite smurf: I do have fans! But it's just so mean of you to ONLY categorize those people as my fans. [-( I'm sure I had a lot better types. So you don't really like these pics? :D

    to wacky serenade: thanks, girl. congrats for you, too.

    to valens: I guess Jon had their phone numbers. Check with him.

  5. ..huu i ya pengen...pengen acarane, pengen temen2 e, pengen pengen jatuhe (khas carla, ups)