Guess how I woke up this morning!

Not by my alarm clock; I set my alarm at 8:00 and was forced to wake up at 6:00.

Mom’s delicious cooking smell? No, I’m in Tegal on my own now. No good smell in the morning unless I decide to cook myself.

Well if you reside in Indonesia and are so much into the news on TV or radio, you’ll know why. There was a 6.2 Richter earthquake in Yogyakarta this morning at around 6 o’clock. It broke a few buildings in that nice city. This was one of the effects of Merapi Mountain’s activities, I guess. It has been very active lately and I read in the newspaper that the people who live in the neighbouring villages have been moved to somewhere farther.
I actually expected that Tegal would get a little effect of the mountain’s eruption (not yet, but its activities have been very frequent) like a dust rain or something, but an earthquake? This town is about 4-5 hours journey by bus or train from Yogyakarta. It can be considered far though both are located in Central Java. Yet it was enough shake to wake me up this morning feeling and looking at my rattling bed.

When Merapi does blow one day, I suppose it won’t be a tender one.

Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. oi..i forget, u must felt 'the sake' :P
    not just in central java, but we in soerabaja felt it too.
    *not me...coz i was too busy to sleep...hohoho

    btw, it's not Merapi's effect, but bcoz....(read by urself @ newspaper) :P
    intinya...lempeng asia sama apa gitu bertumbukan...hehehe

    can't wait to follow ur news when the time comes for merapi to blow :D

    take care