Single Miserable Life

A. I’m running out of money
B. I’m sick of instant noodle
C. I miss home cooking

I decided to COOK this morning!!!!!!!

How amazing was THAT? (LOL)

It was only soup, though, which ingredients I bought at the Pasar Pagi (morning market) nearby for only Rp 1,000! And since I was cooking for myself and all the pans (that belong to one of those people living here, don’t know which exactly) are small, I couldn’t cook all of it. So I divided the sop-sopan by halves and saved the other half in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s breakfast. How money-saving is that!

I should have done it earlier. I am not bad in cooking after all. That was concluded after I decided that the taste of the soup I made was close to the one my mom usually cooks. Of course it couldn’t be way too different in taste since I used her recipe (hehe) but how I was so proud of myself.

Now what to cook for the day after tomorrow? Hmm….


  1. Some ideas of easy and cheap food (as I usually do when I'm broke):

    1. tahu telor -- beli tahu sama telor, trus dikocok pake garam-merica-daun bawang-bawang putih. Beli di Pasar Pagi-mu itu pasti murah soro.

    2. sup jagung -- resepnya ada di kitchen-nya Imoet, tapi gampang kok, pake jagung-daging ayam dikit-telor dicampur semua seperti bikin sop-sopan mu itu.

    hmmm... sek tak mikir lagi menu apa yang gampang dan murah ya... nanti kukabarin lagi :)

  2. Susah juga ternyata hidup di perantauan yah hehehe, beruntunglah aku yg tiap hari bisa maem makanan nyokap :) hihihi

  3. wah la....itu juga dulu yang kupikirkan: woowww shierly bisa masak!!

    tapi ternyata masak itu naluri nya ya ada hihihi

    bingung menu?? datanglah ke kitchenku

    ignore masakan jepang'e...larang soale nek di indonesia hehehe

  4. ella: thanks a lot for the easy-cooking recipes! i'll try them when life gets real hard. :D

    lens: yeah... there are times people should stop taking things for granted. hiks.

    shierly: aku udah ngeprint beberapa resepmu loh. mau nyoba babi rica-rica. mungkin besok. tapi yg japanese food ya jelas ga lah yaaa... sejak kapan aku suka makanan jepang. wakakakakak...