Lacks of Entertainments

In case of pleasure, Tegal is lacking it. Like on Saturdays, for example, when the office closes at 6 in the evening, the teachers and staffs of EF, most of who come from the other cities all around Java and Sumatra, always have such a hard time to decide what to do. There are seriously not so many options for it. There are no clubs here, no cafĂ©’s, not even book stores. So where can I get some books to read if an outing is not really a choice? Pam said that to purchase books she usually had to go to Cirebon, the nearest bigger city in West Java, which takes about 1.5 hour journey.

It’s already quite good that it has 4 malls, though. I’m not a big fan of malls, but here, better than nothing. Inside the office/apartment, however, modern facilities are quite complete. There are an internet connection, computers and the children games (I’m interested in installing some of my own games, or even Adobe Photoshop, but I’m not sure if I can do that in one of them. But I’ll try asking), DVD players, big TV, refrigerator etc. But we surely can’t keep being home all the time, right? We work and live in the building. We need to get out!

So last weekend we decided to go to a karaoke place. Ernie and Pam were happy when they knew that I liked karaoke, too. They finally managed one of the front desk girls, Nisa, to join us.

I didn’t know where they’d take us until we arrived at Plaza Hotel. Oh-oh… Must be expensive. After a quite long argument with the becak drivers about the price we paid (we already agreed before taking their becaks that we would pay Rp 4,000 for each becak to get to Plaza hotel and now they were pretending that they didn’t agree; then they asked for 10,000). But we left them anyway with Rp 5,000 each and got inside the quite luxurious hotel. Warnings in my head! Money money money…

It cost us Rp 60,000 an hour to rent a karaoke room. Dang! In Surabaya it costs only Rp 17,500 per hour for a small room in the non-busy days. But we decided to give it a shot anyway. Just curious.

There is only one kind of karaoke room. No small, big, or VIP rooms there. Basically it’s just like a hotel room, which of course is very nice and comfy, but it’s equipped with a quite big TV and audio system. But then again, we, coming from Jakarta and Surabaya, were a bit disappointed to see that there was no computer there to list our chosen songs. We had to use the traditional way, which was, we had to read the big catalogue of songs (there was only ONE catalogue) and press the number of the song opted from the remote control. I felt like being brought back to the 1980s. hehe…

Well anyway, we had fun. We didn’t stay longer than an hour, though, for it was hell too expensive (I mean in a small town like Tegal, you don’t really expect that, do you?), so we made plans to do the karaoke at our own place, with the DVD player and some pirated karaoke CDs.

When I was home, I felt like having my computer sent here. It’s gonna be so much better when I have my computer here. I can continue my new website’s skin design, I can play a lot of computer games, I can retouch my pictures… I can just basically do a LOT with a computer. MY OWN computer.



  1. I know the feeling of not having your computer with you. We can't live without computer nowadays huh? :D
    I used to like PC so much, they are cheaper and much more powerful than a laptop. But since I moved to other town and moved to a boarding house twice, moving PC around is simply not comfortable. I wish it was a laptop hahaha.

  2. denn: exactly! i was talking about that over with valens the other day. and seriously now with the so many traveling i've done i think laptop will be a very good option!

  3. Yes, my dear... it's a laptop era these days.
    Not only that you need it for moving around, it's practical, and you can simply do ALMOST everything with a laptop as with a PC :)

    I bought my first laptop two years ago, feeling special and sophisticated as ever, until I came here in Germany to realize that EVERYONE ... I repeat, EVERYONE in my university owns a laptop, and the student brings his/her own "magic little device" to every class presentation, and everywhere you go around campus or in a train you'll see people holding a laptop bag.

    I don't feel that special anymore here. It's just another ordinary device as television or a cellphone.

    Bottomline, you really should go get one, soon as money piles up :P

  4. Um, for me, I cannot simply replace my PC with a laptop. For gamers, PC is the heart of of their entertainment machine. Todays average laptops can't play Heroes of Might and Magic V for example. Except, however, you want to spend least USD 5,000 for a high-end gamers-edition laptops. It's a big no-no to me since for only USD 500, I can buy a PC that is way more powerful than its laptop counterpart. PC RULES. But that's only for gamers of course :p.

  5. yeahhh saudara-saudari.. tergantung kebutuhan-lah mau pake PC ato laptop :)

  6. Well since I ain't got too much money now, I can just IMAGINE what I'd do if I had it. I'll definitely buy both. :D:D:D

    Home PC for various purposes, and laptop for traveling. Yay!

    Mimpi kali yeee...