First Accident in Tegal

Mood: Busybody


Yeah well, I've been behaving nice since I've come here. Some clumsiness acts occurred, as expected; such as leaving my keys inside the room so that I couldn't get in. I had to ask Aris, one of the staffs, to break my lock so I could come inside. Did that three times in a month and the last time I did it I had to bribe him with some dinner (hehe).

But for accident, it just happened this week. I was walking down the stairs from the teachers' room to the staff room to photocopy some teaching materials. At the same time I was reading the exercises I was going to give to my students. I wore the 7-cm heels and I slipped just when I was about to reach the first floor.

It made some big noisy sound, I reckoned, for people from the front desk (1st floor) and some students nearby, plus some teachers on the second floor rushed to see who fell down.
I grinned at them while trying to hide my pain AND embarrassment.

My whole body hurt that night and it lasted for about 4-5 days. I didn't have dinner then for I needed my bed badly to rest my (especially left part) body. But it wasn't enough. I needed a massage, my housemates said, but we were too busy at work to have some massaseu come here.



  1. well, sorry to hear that dear friend. But that is so "carla" hehehehe....

    Anyway, I'm now in Singapore. It's my 2nd day here. I'll tell you the details when I'm back.


  2. wah...bukan berita baru...

  3. Rina: Have fun in Singapore and Malaysia!!!

    Everyone else: Grrrr!!! Thanks a lot for the "support".

  4. duh telate aku bacae la.

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

    selamat, anda telah mengingatkan kembali pada kisah2 clumsiness episode sebelumnya =))

  5. Vanieee.... *tonjok tonjok*