One Problem Solved

Phew... One problem has been solved. The contract has been signed, with a few changes here and there. I tried not to be too hard on it as I previously thought I would, for unexpectedly I've enjoyed so much working in here. :) And the boss appeared to be much more friendly than I thought before. She agreed to change some things that I requested (for my sake), though I did not get everything the way I wanted. But well at least most of it already sounds like fair.

NOW.... I can start concentrating on my photography and web design. But first, I need my damn computer. Or a new one, which I don't need to pay right away (hahaha... is there a chance for that?) Well, basically ANY computer where I can install Adobe Photoshop. Windows XP operation prefered. I brought a lot of digital devices that won't work without the drivers (and I left all of the driver CD's at home in Surabaya) unless the operation system is XP. None of the computers at work qualify for that. :P
Is there another way to operate my removable HardDisk without its driver or Windows XP OS? Anyone can tell me? Denni?

I just browsed on someone's gallery on DeviantArt, Solkku. I think he has a GREAT style. He does things I like to do. Those nature pics, macros, conceptual. Of course he's supported with a good camera and lenses, which undoubtedly cost a fortune... but he inspires me to get my camera back and work on my own photography, now that I don't have (well still some) life and death problems! I gotta get ready for that. Now, get my computer first. *wink at Pei Pei* I know you're that kindest person on earth who's gonna be wholly-heartedly nice to send my home computer to me? *wink wink again* Hehe...

Oh well, my housemates and I were actually planning to go to Cirebon today and tomorrow. The city is only an hour away from here, but one of them appeared to be very sick in the last minutes. So I guess we are not going. :P That's alright, though. I can always find some nice things else that can be done.

Just realised that I was starting to like it here so much. and that's good. :)


  1. What os are you using? USB devices usually work automatically with Windows OS (starting from Me, 2000, XP, 2003, and so on). For Windows 98 and the older versions, you will need the driver, which usually can be downloaded from the Internet. Just go to the manufacturer's Website, and look for the support/driver/download links.

  2. it's windows 2000. can i use it WITHOUT driver? cool thing! I never checked it before cause i thought it wasn't compatible with any operating system but XP.

    Thanks Den.

  3. XP was built on Win2k technology. XP only gives a different user interface. So basically, if you can plug and play anything directly on WinXP, you can do the same on Win2k. And as long as they are standard USB devices, you won't need additional drivers.