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A few days ago Mariza just told me about her resigning at her diving company, because of a little unfriendly friends and weird boss (I met them when I was in Bali last month, and Andy (her boss) was certainly not an ideal leader).
She sounded to be so lost and alone and sad when I called her on Saturday morning, and I wished I could be there for her. But the only communications we could do were via chat on yahoo messenger and smses. I was in her situation before so I could relate.

In a way I felt so sorry for her, but then I was also feeling grateful working at English First Tegal, which working environment was so nice.

But that was not for long.

On Monday, basically the first fasting working day here in Indonesia for the Moslems, I had this problem with one of the teachers, Ms. Aya.

Our classes were switched. I am handling her class, and she’s handling mine. EF sometimes does things like that for a reason, but again, the reason is not always revealed to the teachers concerned.

Ms. Aya’s husband happens to be in the class she took over from me. And when she asked me where the attendance folder of the class was to me, we had this small talk about our feelings towards the classes switched.
And since at that time I was writing comments to be written on the certificates, my concentration was totally divided. Yet, I still could remember what we said to each other.

I remember I told her how I already felt very comfortable with the class and what a pity it was switched (I thought it was normal to share things like that, since the other teachers do that, too). And I also remember that I mentioned something about her husband being there, jokingly, or whatever, but I NEVER remember saying things that hurt her. At least I didn’t mean it.
And at that very time, she also didn’t show anything like getting upset or something. So I thought everything was OK.

Until at seven o’clock, I should have finished all the classes, I saw the folder of that class on my desk. I was wondering about it, so I called Ernie, the director of studies, about it. Before doing that, Mr. Budi told me that Ms. Aya was so very angry/upset with me. So I went like, “Huh?”

Later I knew that she already left home, at the time she was supposed to teach that class! Nobody was available, so I had to teach that class in the end anyway. I didn’t mind it. But what the hell was her problem, doing such a thing unprofessionally like that?! She didn’t communicate anything to me or to Ernie. She just fussed behind my back that she was mad at me, and left her class unattended like nothing should be discussed.

I could see that it was all a misunderstanding. There must be some things in the words I told her that hurt her, but when yesterday morning we had a meeting with Ernie about it, she told Ernie that it was me who was being difficult, by not handing her the attendance folder of that class. She said that I handed her that finally 5 minutes before the class.

Again, “Huh?”

I gave that stupid folder at 5 o’clock, I remember very well about it, cause I didn’t meet/talk with her again after 5:30. I even explained her where she should start the next lesson. The class concerned, by the way, would start at 7:10. How come was she claiming that I gave it to her 5 minutes before the class??? And besides, teachers can always take the folders from the other teachers’ desk freely if they happen to have that class that week, WITHOUT having to consult with the previous teacher who teaches that class! So I told her bluntly there that she was making this all up, just for the sake of strengthening her being upset case with me.

She also mentioned things I felt I didn’t say, and rudely she pointed her finger in front of my face in that meeting. What the heck!

It was HER that had the problem, you know. I did NOT even KNOW that I was the one she was upsetting about until 7 p.m. that evening! She didn’t tell me a thing! Instead, she went around telling everybody else BUT ME that I was doing this bad thing and that.

I completely understand that she might have this mood swing because she was fasting, and I could easily forgive or even apologise if I was wrong. But then, how could I do that if I didn’t even know that I was THE PROBLEM?

I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I’m going a bit racist here. I notice this behaviour SO Javanese. Silencing in front of the people concerned, but talking wild behind his/her back, that is. One of the worst qualities in the world I can never respect. Combined with this was happening at the work place made it the perfect occurrence that has ever annoyed me so far.
And this is the very same person who stayed the night in my room last week.


  1. Ah, that's why you respect me the most.

  2. den, can't remember when i showed a respect for you. tssss.... hehe

  3. I know you are shy to express your feeling. Don't worry, it's natural.

    Have you got along with her? Or is it getting worse?

  4. Me shy? Hardly ever. So take it as the truth. :P

    Well the thing with me is that I always automatically forget whatever hard feelings I had before on the next day. So I happened to meet her at the toilet, and unconsciously I greeted her, "Hi"... But instead of replying me, she made faces and threw his face away.

    When I got into the shower room, I was thinking, "Shit, I forgot that I was supposed to be her enemy."


    She just sucks. Period.

  5. ada 'kerikil' di matamu...
    apa sekarang dah membaik situasinya
    coba cari waktu enak buat ngomongin sama dia

  6. sekarang udah jauh lebih baik. we talk again. wkt awal2nya director of studiesku malah bikin meeting khusus untuk itu, dan kita berdua malah berantem di meeting itu. huahaha... what a drama.

  7. meknownone9:05 am

    denni VS carla ?? im totally no comment. two most cynical person i've ever known. reading ur debating posts really exhaust me.

    carla, i was and am so grateful and thank u for being there that day. i believe in God of planning to give us the best in life.

    so, hacha hacha fighting yah! sm ky aku dsini.

  8. meknownone = mariza? reveal yourself, hey commenter. :P