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This is a comment I tried to post on Mark's journal. Now after I read it for the second time, I actually realised that some of my arguments do not relate what he's talking about there. But I don't know... I think they are a pretty honest argument, though may not be the best one.

I posted it here as I saw that actually this is way too long to be a comment, and cause I cannot post the comment there (the post comment button didn't work). Hahaha....

Oh btw, read his journal first before you read what I wrote here.

As much as I want to agree with some points of your definition of love, I’ve actually already given up thinking/analyzing too much about it. I had all of these discussions about love a couple of years ago, asking myself why I fell in love, why I had it with this or that person, why it couldn’t be simpler, why people (I) could get so selfish when it came to love, why the person I loved made it so complicated, why I made it so complicated, why I couldn’t just enjoy my life without thinking/worrying if my relationship could survive or not, why this and why that.

After months and months of questioning myself I came to this best conclusion (for me) to not ask, analyze and think anymore. Because to ask consumes most of my time and energy just to get the answer (while I can actually do something else that is more important); to analyze my relationship always brings me some suffering in the end; and to think and guess about my boyfriend’s feelings towards me confuses me even much more. I also learnt that actually those thoughts brought more negative (or positive, depending on your relationship) views of love life in general and made me more cynical. It also turned me to be somebody else I didn’t want myself to be and prevented me to move on to a better life and perspective.

SO, I came to this conclusion, that we (I) should NOT think, define, analyze or worry about love that much. Love, just like anger, scared, happy etc., is a feeling. Love is for us to feel, enjoy, cherish, be sad for, be excited for. But not to be analyzed too much. On the other hand, I am not encouraging us to not use our brain at all when we’re trapped into this love game, cause it won’t be wise to neglect a lot of love signs the other person transfers, cause again, love makes us happy. Why letting such an opportunity of a prospective happiness?

Cause love is a feeling. Just like sadness and happiness. It’s simple (for everyone can feel it) yet also so complicated (for WE make it complicated by our own paranoia and wound we had in the past).

In short, feel the love, and be happy in it. Live for the present, learn from the past but don’t let the past eat you. And work for the future, but again don’t be too stuck in it that you fail to feel grateful for what the present brings you.


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