Future oh Future!

Change of plan. Some things happened yesterday when my boss was here and I had to make an instant decision of my contract.

These were my reasons that I gave her to quit the job:

A. I want to spend my birthday for a week in Bali in August and I do not want to take it from my paid leave + on 9 Sept I have to go to Surabaya for my friend's wedding (I'll be the photographer, so it's a job) + Mark is coming for two or three weeks in September and we'll be spending some time in Bali, so I told her it was impossible to sign another contract to break it in the middle like that for another month and a half vacation (and I JUST took my vacation);
B. I don't want to spend another boring year in this small town;
C. I was not satisfied with my salary.

Well, she made me say yes, cause:

A. She gives me the permission to take the vacation days again in Aug till Oct (that's crazy, but cool! Which company would really give its employee so many vacation days like that?),
B. She'll get me to work in her other branch in Jakarta starting from January,
C. She gives me a big salary raise.

I thought at that time I'd be completely dumb if I turned that down. So, I took it. I wasn't sure if I was taking the right decision, but things happen for a reason, right? And after talking to Rina, Felix and Mark (and mom)they all told me it was the best decision I could make at that time (flexible vacation time and the salary raise that is).
So now I'm taking it easy... More vacations to come and I'll still have a job to hold on to. I think that's quite amazing.

Though... I've also got this wicked idea to still keep looking when I'm in Bali later on. Who knows? :D

What do you think?


  1. So no greedy little asian girl (G.L.A.G.) in Paris next year ? I IS SHAD :)

  2. no worries, sweetheart. it doesn't seem to likely change my plan. it's a one-year term, remember? next year after the contract ends, i suppose, i'll be bugging you for a while in paris. :D


  3. I think it's great that you choose to prolong this one. I mean, if you're working in Jakarta one year longer, you don't lose a thing, and meanwhile you'll have better salary, more holidays, and the longer time to grab a new chance. Aint that great?
    Trust me, from my point of view, that's the best you can do than moving out of impulse to Bali and start something new there where you actually don't know if you're gonna get anything or not.

    Good luck in Jakarta... go girl!!!