White Hair

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I've got a big attack of white hair on my head!!!!!

The other evening Ern came to my room and saw a lot of it spreaded among my other long black hair! I freaked out and asked her to weed it away. But since she: A. is impatient; B. has long fingernails; and C. is impatient; and D. is impatient, she gave up after pulling out around 5 to 7 strings of hair. She also kindly informed me that there's still so much of it.

I'm devastated.

I hate to admit the facts that:
A. I'm getting older.
B. I may be stressed out right now unconsciously (though I feel quite happy, or have I just been lying to myself?) that it grows the white hair to contrast my black one.
C. My biological clock is ticking.

Gotta do something, gotta do something. Suggest me some ideas. Maybe dying it to purple? I could be the funkiest teacher at EF! ;-)


  1. Do it plum-purple, I always love the color, it's dark at night, but under sunlight it's purpl-ish. My mom had it once... but then again, she's fifty and she's desperately trying to cover 3/4 of her hair (which is all-white)

    Hehehehe, sorry, not helping here, huh?

    Oh come on, cheer up... getting older means getting better too, right? :-)

  2. Time to find a man and settle down? :D

  3. Sheila: plum purple sounds nice, though i was actually thinking about making it highlight purple. ah well...
    I don't mind getting older and better and wiser etc. But I don't quite fancy the attributes that follow: white hair and wrinkles!!!

    Den: I believe that it's not the indication to settle down with a man! Though the idea of a steady boyfriend will be sweet. How are things with Martha?

  4. If you're relating the steady boyfriend thingy to my relationship with Martha, I'm affraid you'll have to wait, like, forever La. I'm sorry to disappoint you :p

  5. den, did u ever say a nice thing to your friends? even the desperate one like carla? (kikikikk)..

    carla, i really think you need a vacation in Bali.

    ayo KAPANNN?? katanya mau nyamperin aku disini.

  6. http://bulanmadubali.blogspot.com/

  7. Denny: wait a sec! does it mean you're not going steady with Martha or what? I wasn't relating that to anything, except that I suddenly remembered her and the fact that she was the reason you moved to Jakarta.

    Mariza: I'm NOT DESPERATE! Grrr.. And stop spamming my journal, will you? I don't care if you lose the bet with your friends. LOL.

    I'll be in Bali alright, girl. In August. You've plenty of time to think what birthday present you can give me this year. I can't believe I'm celebrating my birthday EVERY YEAR since last year WITH YOU, Za! Urgh...