Random Rant

mood: busybody

Capek deeeh!!!!!

Sometimes I just get too annoyed with the way it works here. I have a private student, Gaby, and she has a class everyday from Monday to Saturday at 11 in the morning. She's going to Singapore to study in July so she wants to improve her speaking skill by having a private conversation class as often as possible. The class is due to finish this week on Saturday, but she happens to be not available on the last day cause she's going to Bali for vacation. I thought it would be postponed sometime later, but she chose to have the replacement on Thursday, which makes me have to teach her for the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes. Well, having 3 hours classes in Tegal is not an odd thing, but 3 hours teaching conversation to one single student? What topic(s) should I give her???

Anyways... it seems like Miss Aya is interested to buy my Canon camera. I do love the camera, but I desperately need some more cash right now to prevent Citibank calling me all the time (read my post about the stolen credit card). So.. I guess I'm going to have a hard time letting it go, but I'll be relieved for a while. Ah shit.


  1. I suppose women do have many things to say, don't they? 3 hours is just like your daily dose of gossiping right :D

  2. well if she were 21 instead of 12, i'm sure i'd have so many things to say (or gossip, according to your term).

    i guess i'll just play some games after an hour and a half. or having a picnic in the class. get some food and drinks and we can have fun while fattening ourselves. ha!