Blogging in English

Michelle Udem, an intern reporter from the Jakarta Globe - an English-language newspaper in Jakarta - emailed me last week asking if I would want to be interviewed for her article on Blogging in English. I thought it was cute and sure, why not?

I promised to send a photo of me blogging but last weekend was so hectic with parties so I never got around to getting a self-photo of me. But anyway, the article is up today. Though I was not exactly quoted in the main article, I was listed there as one of the few Indonesian people who blog in English.

Let's see if it can generate more traffic. But oh my god, can I handle more fame at this point of time???

I think I can. LOL.


  1. kenapa nggak? dicoba aja. :)

  2. Congrats!

    We just recently got covered by TJG too (June 18th 2009, Relationship Gurus Transform Long-Time Losers Into Lovers).

    Lex dePraxis

  3. Congrats la...
    semoga g ++gede kpalamu hehehehe...*gawat* ^_^