Ricardo Evers

Even at the time I'm writing this piece, I still can't believe it happened. Not to someone with such a life force like you. Not when you already made great plans ahead. Not when it was so fast, unexpected and seemingly unfair.

But you left us anyway. I'm running out of tears but even so it's still coming out every now and then. Out of my disbelief.

We might not have had our plans come true. But we had the greatest moments together.
We might not be able to see you now. But we saw you in your best shape.
And we will never forget that.

We love you, Ricardo.

Carla and Vincent.


  1. pasangannya Annerie. Annerie ex-kolegaku di CDU dulu. mereka pindah ke bali dari tahun lalu.

  2. Carla, sorry for your lost :-( the other indo-dutch yang kenapa-napa. Maklum beritanya dateng dari Vince, a bit distorted.

    Bisous cherie