Fail Translation

I've attended 3 classes of French course at Alliance Francais Denpasar and I was already bragging to Vincent's friends, Pascal and Briggite, that I speak a little French.

Here is their reply:

Félicitations, congratulations !!!! Super !!!
Moi de mon cote j ai arrête les cours d Anglais le prof n était pas top... Pas plus tard que hier( mercredi) nous avons encore parlé de vous car Samedi le 20:06:09 nous allons fête le 1st year de retour de Bali
Nous allons vous envoyer des photos du groupe
J espère que tout se passe bien chez vous, nous avons de temps en temps des nouvelles de Nicole et Andy les autres "Balinais" j espère que vous aussi vous avez des contacts
Vincent t as pas trop la nostalgie du pays .... lol chez nous c est triste on a de nouveau un été pourri un jour il fait chaud à étouffer et l autre jour on a 10° de moins enfin ...
Gros bisous à vous et une prochaine que ce soit à Bali ou en France
Pascal et Brigitte

Obviously that was way out of my range of my very limited French. So I opened this page on yahoo babelfish to translate the email. This is the result.

Cuckoo Congratulations, congratulations!!!! Super!!! Me of my dimension J have stops the courses D English teacher N was not signal… Not later that yesterday (Wednesday) we still spoke about you because Saturday the 20:06: 09 we go festival the 1st year of return of Bali We will send photographs of the group to you J hopes that all occurs well on your premise, we from time to time have news of Nicole and Andy the others " Balinais" J hopes that you also you have contacts Vincent T ace not too the nostalgia of the country…. lol on our premises C is sad one again has a summer rotted one day it makes hot choke and L different day one has 10° of less finally… Large kisses with you and next that it is in Bali or in France Pascal and Brigitte

Still lost in translation.

Anyone knows a better translation engine?


  1. It's not babelfish's fault, it's their french, it's horrible and full of mistakes :S

  2. This reminds me of the subtitles on a cheap dvd. No substitute for a talking dictionary.

  3. Vincent is the better translation engine. Wanna try that?

  4. Johann: then everybody's French is bad because all the translations i got from yahoo babelfish never make sense.

    pj: yeah i watched that too. i guess it'll take me a whi....le to finally understand it.

    Sheila: you mean when you say 10 sentences in French and you'd get one-sentence translation? :P okay, he's helpful but i'm not always with him. at the time i need to translate something when we are in our own office, i can no longer count on him, right?

  5. Haha!
    Babelfish translate is tend to be word-a-word, IMHO. And, worse is, they don't detect all the grammar. And, it appeared that ur friend used slangs and text-lingo a lot.
    I'll emphasize some:

    les cours d Anglais le prof n était pas top

    And, anyw: titiknya dikit amat - -"

    I was going to link this: for you. But, after i entered some words, they didn't look better in detecting grammar. Bah!

    Sorry for not being much help, Carla :(