Bossy Friend and Friendly Boss

I'm not sure whether it is wise to be friends with your boss.

There are indeed a lot of positivity that can be gained to cheer up the working environment. Boss happy, employees happy; it means a maximum result. You can stretch yourself dedicating more for your job even when you don't need to.

But being friends means you have the liberty to say more of what is in your mind. And I always thought I knew the line. And I still stand to the belief that I didn't do anything wrong. I may have been a little bit outspoken (which I always have) but no bad intention was to follow my statements.

Too bad these statements have brought situations where it was unpleasant for him, and now me. And the talk comes back to boss-employee relationship again. Who pays and who is paid.

So are you friends with your boss?


  1. yup, I'm friends with my boss(es). Quite friendly to a certain extent, but I try hard to keep some things to myself. It's not easy, but I need to keep the distance for my own professional sake and sanity. They're super nice and like my second home (of course bearing in mind that I work 8 hours a day with them) but you gotta pull some strings and limits.

    :-) I know I'm not helping...

  2. It is interesting topic.

  3. Yes, my boss is also my friend, in the sense we can play badminton, ping-pong, or other sports together, having lunch or hanging out while talking a lot of fun stuffs, even sometimes personal matters.

    But I usually draw a clear line. Out of office, they're my friends, so I can speak and act more freely. In office, they're my bosses, thus I will have to behave professionally. Just know where and when to act as a friend or employee and you'll be cool.