Okay, after so many denials and much reluctance on joining different social networking sites (except facebook which I find very useful in finding long lost old friends), I was down to Twitter, too, eventually.

That is after I asked a few people who invited me what Twitter is good for. No one gave me a satisfying answer. Vitria, one of those who invite me there, says: "I'm confused as well. So I'm getting more people to be as confused as I am."

The best answer was from Baby Waskito, saying that it only functioned as a status update.

I have no idea why people would want to bother making an account that functions as a status update of what they're doing right now. But one advantage that I notice is that it is open for public view, where in facebook - depending what your setting is like - most of the time your page is only for the eyes of your approved friends.

So I signed up on Twitter to the advantage of letting my fans (and future clients) know what I'm doing mostly in regards to my photography activities.

Here's the link to my twitter account if you wish to follow me.


  1. You can consider twitter is a micro-blog.

    The idea is when you want to say something to public, but you don't want to spend 30 minutes to compose a very nice blog post about it, just tweet it.

    Anyway, Facebook status updates serve similar purpose, and more. The difference is Twitter is for public (you don't have to be someone's friend to see his/her posts), while Facebook is for friends (though I think you can change the setting to make it available for public also).

    A lot of companies are now using Twitter similar to RSS feeds, to advertise their products. Dell actually sells a lot of products through it.

    Personally I don't want to bother with yet another time-wasting online application, though I have tweeted some before :)

  2. Do you always have to "steal" the IT-related best answer status from somebody else, Den?

    However, thanks for the thorough explanation. And with this I announce that Denni Gautama has provided the best explanation on Twitter's function.