Sorry for the long delay. Life has been mysteriously hectic (that includes the fascination over TV series Lost and Prison Break so I couldn't get myself away from the telli).

Anyway, I've made a big decision to focus only on photography. In a month or two I'll be resigning from my present journalist job and will be a freelance photographer. [It feels weird to address myself so... professionally... but feels good anyway] So that's why I've been busy updating my portfolio and preparing pricelist and learning about copyrights etc.

I'm almost there and I'm dead anxious to see how it will come out. But I have a faith on myself and am pretty sure it will work fine if not great.

In the mean time check my website and see my photoblog I just made (powered by wordpress). And let me know what you think of it. Let me know also if you want me to be your photographer. ;)


  1. Oi Lalaaa >:D<
    how r u??
    getting fatter?slimmer?:P
    lagi nganggur aku liat2 webmu nih:P
    yg foto pantai balinya bagus la...i love it :)

    btw, aku estimasi awal nov ini giving birth..doain yaa..
    trs, yg icon2mu d bawah ini kurang jelas maksudya..apa g mending km kasi alt/something spy lbh jelas
    trs, aku send message dr sana kok problem sending ya..akhirnya kasi comment d sini deh.

    kapan mau resign??

  2. maksudmu yg di danau toba, Jus? ga ada yg di pantai bali. thanks ya buat masukannya. plus dikasih tau kalo contact formnya ngadat. si vincent lagi di prancis nih, jadi aku baru bisa betulinnya minggu depan (dia yg bisa maksudnya). websitenya memang belum sepenuhnya kelar karena aku masih sibuk kerja. tapi begitu udah berhenti (akhir nov) nanti konsen kesana.

    waw awal november!!! oke kudoain semoga lancar. jadi pengen liat kamu dengan perut membumbung jus!

  3. Yeeehaaayy!!! U will be doing great! ^^