Recap Series 3

One thing I learnt during my blogging absence was that nothing was 100% definite in this world.

At some point I felt that I might have turned into too trusting individual and I rested and believed my future would be all bright and positive now that I had someone to share it with. But people do get weary and they do change. And love shares the same amount of extremity with hatred. Everything is too positive in love just like everything is too negative in hatred. For a while, I'd forgotten about that. I also forgot one of my own life values: keep a room inside your heart in case something breaks. That should help keep you away from desperation and massive breakdown. I did not. As I said, I was becoming too positive in looking at things.

Well, let's say I was reminded of all that. And though it is somewhat bitter to base your relationship on, it is the truth. So I have been struggling to get my old self back and maybe I will do things that I enjoyed doing again. I am thinking about traveling to the eastern part of Indonesia as soon as my financial situation gets better - Carla's way.


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