This year has been going so well in terms of what I do, how I do and how I like it! Relationship is going waaaay much better than last year. Vincent doesn't go out at nights too much anymore and instead spends time with me in the evening. I'm doing more photography than writing (though writing is still going on but it is not the major part of my income so far. And with all the positive moods and doing the things that I like doing, I feel like having more quality life!

That includes having muffins and a big cup of green tea in the morning.
That includes allowing Vincent to buy Wii (he has wanted to buy Wii since he moved here, but I was not in agreement before when we needed to save up for other things in life). Now with the Wii here, I sometimes play my Fitness Wii and do Yoga or other types of exercises. Vincent invited Jerome last weekend to play Wii and they were sooo funny. Of course Vincent won almost everything since he was the real gamer. But then again, even I won against Jerome in Mario Kart.

That also includes taking/making photos everyday, whatever theme it is. I try to stick into one certain project at a time, but it has been proven a challenge with my ever so fluctuating interests. And my interest at the moment is to combine photography and my favourite quotes so that they look and feel more meaningful as you can see some in my previous post. This is another one that I want to share with you.
This post could be summarized in one sentence: I'm happy. :)

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  1. Sounds like a great start of the year! Keep the good vibes! :)

  2. I'm soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at you building a great life down there...
    Miss you so much, miss talking and chatting with you.

    Hope you'll always feel content with your photography!!! (btw aku ya mau difoto kayak Imoet kalo ntar aku pulang ya La...)