Grateful to Be in the First French Wedding I've Ever Attended

Day 78 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful to be in the first French wedding I've ever Attended."

Along with Marie's sister, I'm the photographer of the wedding. It started with the legal ceremony at the City Hall which is just 5 minute walk away from Marie's grandparents' house. I felt the priviledge of coming into the City Hall for the first time and could have the access in front to shoot the beautiful wedding. :)

Marie and Cedric at the City Hall
Greeted by sprays of lavender seeds once outside

Then we moved to Marie's grandparents' beautiful house for l'apero at their amazing garden.

I was especially fascinated by the idea of simply dipping the wine bottles in the garden stream to keep them cool.
And then we went to the Parc de Villeroy for some photoshoots. Obviously I'm not in most of the photos, but I'll post those which I was. :)

Marie & Cedric's wedding
Romeo - Marie's youngest son
With the grand Rolls Royce

In the evening we had dinner at a cool restaurant where Vincent -- out of the blue -- said to me: "Will you marry me?"



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