Grateful to Be in Paris for Marie's Wedding

Day 77 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful to be in Paris today for Marie's wedding."

In 2001 I might have said that I'd never come back to Paris again ever. But that was the dark time when nobody understood one word I said and food always came to me wrong. Now the hunger days are over and this Paris experience is ought to be a lot better one.

It was a 6-hour journey, more or less - by car from Strasbourg. And I spent most of the time sleeping on the back seat while Vincent was driving (and smoking and smoking again). We arrived at Vero's before sunset and had lovely homecooked dinner. I didn't know that I had to sleep at Marie's tonight, though; while Vincent went with the boys. Wedding is tomorrow and it seems that they have to keep it traditional by sleeping separately until the big day comes. Ha!

Anyway, I will have to sleep at Romeo's bed -- Marie's youngest son -- and I already banged my forehead onto the bunkbed.

Not sure what was so special about the jacket, but everyone seemed excited.


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