Fun Friday Night

I had been wanting to go clubbing for 2 weeks. It seemed to be so long since the last time I danced and had a great time at a club. So off I went to Desperados with Rina, Shierly, Arief and his boyfriend.

A few hours before I drank my last Porto wine with workmates, as they'd like to taste and experience the feeling of drinking red wine. We shared it in a really small amount, and they liked it. Justine even felt a bit weird in her head after having a small sip of it. Having a flavour of the nice red wine, I was thinking to take alcohol again in the club, after a year alcohol fasting.

So I did.. ordered a medium draught beer - Bintang, and drank, and danced and everything. Unfortunately I was just too tired that day, that I slept on the sofa of Despa... again!!! We left earlier than usual and I was hardly awake on the way home. I couldn't have got drunk, could I?!?! But I probably was, cause I also felt itches all over my body, just like the time I drank my first cocktail a few years ago! My blood seemed to need an adjustment after being absent for quite a time.

I slept as soon as I smelled my pillow and didn't wake up till 12, when Michelle cried out so fuckin' loud. I forced myself to wake up then, only for an hour, and collapsed again in bed.

I think I was indeed a little drunk.

Hangover and Stayover

Vanie woke me up and reminded me to be at her house at 4 o'clock sharp for our hang over at PTC. I said ok, hang up the phone, and slept again.

I overslept, as predicted. But the others were lagging as well, so it was already dark when we arrived at the new mall. I browsed some shoes and bought myself a pair (I had to for I broke 3 pairs in one month!).

I stayed the night at Vanie's. Her mother was already very worried that she called Vanie a few times before we got back to her house at almost midnight.

New Haircut and Shopping

We woke up in the morning, washed ourselves and went to Bo's indekost for having pecel breakfast together. Then Vanie asked (read: forced) Bo to accompany us to Giant Hypermarket. He finally said yes, as he had no other plans to do that day. But at Giant, he might be pretty bored waiting for us having our hair cut and browsing every stall. Hihihi.. sorry Bo Bo Bo Bola Pingpong!!! :D

My hair, as well as Vanie, is so very short right now. I previously even wanted to have a shorter cut, but didn't cause it'd just make me even look fatter. Hehe.. But I'm pretty happy with it. My head feels lighter now and I don't have to comb it too often. :P


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