Most Devastated Moment

I lost my camera.


  1. Deep condolence 4 it la -_-
    I heard from Gbus.
    I remember your story about Marijn who found a camera, complete with its other devices. The worst thing was, it happened reverse to you now.

    Just try to enjoy your next trip to Madura.
    Back to manual camera.
    I know it's hard, you very love it. Take your time 2 grieve. But don't be too long, since it can't take your camera back.

  2. I see now what made you in a very bad mood the whole day that day. Time to work on your clumsiness missy? Sorry I just don't know how to comfort someone.

  3. WHAT??

    Deeply sorry to hear that. I know how much you loved it and enjoyed taking anything with it. So, it's just hard to believe that you've lost it.

    I've just heard a bit of the story from ms.dian. Well, I can't say much.

    Grieve as much as you need, dear friend.