Miscelleanous Items

Hi peepz,

Sorry for the absence. But I was working on some personal writing project since last week, so I neglected the blog a bit. I've done the first important part of it, fortunately, so I can relax a bit now. :)

So.. some new stuffs about me:
  1. I've not been very productive with my wallpapers lately. My mind's been blank most of the time and my bad mood doesn't help at all, worsens it even. :P
  2. My friend, Arnoud, had wanted me to write a contribution for his homepage since maybe last year. I was being difficult and was not particularly in the mood to write. I'm not really into writing, anyway. So I asked him to choose from my blog. He's in China now, Guang Zhou to be exact, and apparently blogs from this site cannot be read there. He asked me to send my stories via email, and I was like.. "what? I've had too many stories on my blog!!!" He insisted, and so I was being bitchy about it and refused to do so. Then he had his friend to send the stories to his email. Arnoud asked me if I ever wrote something more positive towards the world (He wants to see the world as a beautiful positive place, rather than negativities. And it seemed to me that he thought I wrote more negativities than the opposite. :P). That made me tensed again. So I said: "Well, that's all I got and what I write is what is in my mind. Don't ask me to bluff and tell things in the other way I don't think it is. So if you want, pick one from my blog, and if none satisfies you, leave it. Until I write something that you think is decent enough." I think I hurt him at that time. And I was sorry later on. But I have to admit his patience. He's still talking to me and one day, he told me he picked this topic of mine about Women's Merit and would get it uploaded on his website, section Contributions, after a few editting. He did, though he failed to describe my job right, though.. I never see myself as a web designer. Am I? I make wallpapers and web layout, does it make me a web designer? Hihihi.. Anyway, it does feel good to see your work featured on another person's website.. So keep writing, guys. If you want to give a contribution at Arnoud's page, simply contact me or him directly about it. And if you wanna check my editted writing, here it is --> [link]
  3. Mark keeps me smiling till now, but somehow I think I need to give him some more space. He's probably getting bored of me by now. :P I kept him chatting with me before he went to work and caused him to be so late. Although I woke him up at the right time, it was no use when he spent another hour to chat at home. That's why we change the condition. So, my friends, if before I didn't join our coffee break time at three o'clock cause I was chatting with him, I'll make it up and do it more regularly, like we always used to. He won't be online until after he's at work anyway. :) Sorry for my selfishness.
  4. Last weekend I went to Desperados with Rina, finally after so long. The band was great and Rina described it well on her blog. So I'm not going to fuss about it. You can read the report here. Hehehe.. Thanks for writing it, Rin.
  5. I'm super bored. I did this test just now.

    What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
    Flirting Skill Level - 36%

    Kissing Skill Level - 78%

    Cudding Skill Level - 82%

    Sex Skill Level - 21%

    Why They Love You You can do amazing things with your tongue.
    Why They Hate You You can be selfish.
    This fun quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1915006 Times.
    New - How do you get a guy to like you?

    Kissing and cuddling levels of mine are pretty correct (hahahaha.. big headed me, yeah) but how come my flirting and sex levels are that low? Why why why??? Do I need to be older to get them high? Hehehehe.. Anyway, that's just for fun. If you get to do the quiz, tell me your outcome. It may be cool to discuss it here.


  1. Is this personal writing project the one you told me some time ago? about the novel you're writing with mark?

    quote: He's probably getting bored of me by now. :P --> Well, that's hard to believe!!! If the intensity is there, there's little chance of getting bored. I can tell ^__+
    About desperados, you're welcome. I was feeling like to write about our clubbing night once I got in my room...while everything was still fresh :)

    And, talking about super bored, at least you've got "one thing" to boost your mood. Hehehehehe....


  2. Especially then, with the intensity, it's very fragile to fall in a boredom. But hope not! Barely any contacts this week soo.. dunno.. we'll see we'll see.