Define a loser.

Well I know a loser who:
... is in a blind love.
... is extremely obsessed by a particular adorable person.
... cannot accept that life goes on.
... doesn't realise that he can't turn back time.
... fancies that the girl he loves can never get a guy she truly loves and respects, but him.
... is too insecured in about anything, EVERYTHING, concerning her.
... always negatively thinks that he loves the girl too much and expects her to do the same in return; when she actually bestowed the feeling, he kept craving for her faults and sticking a label on her forehead that she actually cheated on him with another guy, when she DID NOT.
... finally got cheated on in real for the girl thought that it would make no difference cheating/not cheating on him, think of the blame!
... tried to get her back when it was already too late, when the feelings are long gone.
... started to bitch around when he had to face a firm refusal.
... lost about everything he invested in his relationship with the girl as the result of his own reckless inhuman words. Not even a friendship.

I was once that dummy so I should UNDERSTAND more. But this guy I know is a real kick ass.
Too sweet in the beginning, too bitchy in the end.
You just can't claim you know about somebody until some bad things occur.
Life's way too surprising.


  1. What a super duper jerk, eh?

    It's just unbelievable to find out that someone who once was a super duper sweet guy is in fact nothing but A COMPLETE STRANGER.

    I wonder what type of girl would bear it to stay with this 'loser' type.

    another type of loser maybe?

    Well dear friend, at least you learnt your lesson :-)

  2. What a BITCH!
    Can't even think of him as a jerk anymore...