A wallpaper of Gwen Stefani I made yesterday. Click to full view. Resolution: 1600x1200. Any feedback is appreciated. :) Thank you.


  1. hmmm...I like the background, especially the colour, red combined with black.The eyes on the background look cool as well.

    What bother me a bit is Gwen. Did you smoothen her skin or something ? She looks so much like a manequin, or maybe that's the impression you want to give? However, apart from it, I think this wallpaper is pretty cool.

  2. Anonymous10:53 pm

    There's no other words to describe Gwen, She is HOT HOT HOT. The wallpaper is HOT HOT HOT...

  3. Rina, yes I smoothened the image of Gwen with the Neat Image program. The real image is breaking heavily so.. got to do that. I wasn't into showing a manequin of Gwen, that's for sure. But thanks for the comment. I hope this one will also satisfy my team leader. But who knows?