Featured Guy of the Year

One of my biggest enthusiasms in life is photography. Before I lost my camera, I took so many photos of about anything every single day, chose some good results and personally exhibited them in my gallery at Deviantart.com. I've been very addicted to the site for it gave me soo.. many feedbacks and comments, which absolutely are essential for my own improvement in the photography techniques.

Just a few weeks ago I was bored as hell at the office. I decided to corrupt my working time and browse around for good photographs/photographers through my friends' links. One of the great galleries I found belongs to a guy identified as "indorock". So far at that time he was specialising himself in architectural/nightshot photography, which I found amazing! I watched him; meaning if ever he posts a piece of art or journal, I'll be notified.

Not long after he had this project of taking model pics called "Food Photogenics". I loved his works. I loved his ideas. So I commented on some of his deviations and he generously replied .

I checked his userpage and it stated there that he lived in the Netherlands. THEN I had this feeling of showing off my Dutch, which was very miserably awful, for not being used for years. But it was a phrase of echt waar I was saying and I was very confident it was the right term and expression to answer him. It worked. He noticed me! Until this trouble came.

He sent me a note, IN FULL DUTCH, saying: ik ben gewoon nieuwsgierig....voor welke bedrijf heb je gewerkt in NL? Hoe vond je het hier?

I was like, "Eh???? What the hell does it mean???"
I grabbed the phone near me and tried to call my mum. She's the one I always contact when I have a problem with the language.

"Sorry the number you're calling is being repaired," said the machine. Duh!

I didn't dare to answer him right away but I was desperately trying to remember who could help me translate.
I double-clicked my yahoo messenger program and there I found Sharif online. Yippeee! (Sharif is my friend whose father is Indonesian and mother Dutch.)

Me: Rif, what does nieuwsgierig mean?
Sharif: Curious.
Me: How do I say: Can I answer your questions in English?
Sharif: Kan ik je vraag in engels beantwoorden?
Me: Thanks!

Phew! One problem was solved.
So then I replied him. And I picked up the phone receiver once more, and enrolled myself for an M1 class at Erasmus huis. I'm learning Dutch again. :)

The sweet thing was that it didn't end there. Notes by notes were being exchanged and the chats were becoming more intensed when I found out that he had a yahoo messenger.

He's soooo... fun to be chatted with! Sooo broadminded. Sooo creative. Sooo cool. Sooo open. Sooo unsaint (and this might be the best attraction, hihihi)!
I don't know.. it might be too early, but I've found myself VERY comfortable talking to him, about anything. Comfortable enough that I gave him my phone number. On your note, I DON'T usually give my numbers to internet chatters. But this guy.. I don't know. I can't explain it very well, but he's quite unusual. In a good way.

He called that weekend. And the next weekend. And chats about 5 hours a day, e v e r y d a y. And every time we talk, we get more interested to each other. Ohh.. I don't know.. This should be quite unbelievable. But it happens. TO ME. Ladies and gentlemen, TO ME.

However it sounds impossible to you, it makes me happy. HE makes me happy. He brought my smiles back and I've felt that the world is more friendly to me. I'm not into analysing the future at the moment. I hope, yes. But I'll leave it in the time's hands (if time has hands, hehehe).

He's different, I can tell. I hope it stays that way. I know I haven't known him too long, nor both of us have met. But he assures me that it's not impossible. As long as we want to work it out, we will find a way. What a sweety, eh?! :D

So.................. meet Mark Mulder.

My most favourite photographer.
My most favourite debate partner.
My most favourite man!

I hope someday I can make him my most favourite love. :)


  1. hope everythin goes well ;)

    so sorry about ur camera, La

  2. How great it is to meet someone who matches you in some or should i say 'many' ways, isn't it? ^__+

    Well, I'm happy that you're starting to feel 'something' again.

    Just enjoy it, dear friend. And of course, GOOD LUCK!

  3. and I'm happy I'm starting to feel 'something' again. :D

  4. First, Thanks for the comment onn my blog ^_~
    Now... Geez, I saw the gallery and its great. I like to take pictures, but I'm not very good at it ^^;;; But you are great, very very nice... now... dutch, huh? a language that I have no knowledge of, interesting, though I have no idea of what the guy said to you ^^;;; Well, anyway, thanks again, and I'll try to visit your blog often, bye~

  5. Next time if u need an instant Dutch-Indonesian dictionary, just try to visit: http://www.kamus.ugm.ac.id/dutch.php

    Me also learning dutch now (since my sis is going to marry her dutch boy friend in June, and many of his relatives will come and their English is not that fluent).

    try also: http://www.yourdictionary.com for translation in European languages (Italy, Spain, Portuguese, German, etc)

    Have fun!
    It's always good to have hope, but just keep it low so you won't fall too high... take care, La! :)

  6. Hey babe! I'm sorry you lost you cam but think of it this way, you lost your camera but you found love ;) Good Luck! I hope everything turns out the way you want it to. Take care, ciao!

  7. Coolz, thanks heaps for the links. I have my own specific Dutch-English/English-Dutch translator program, but at that time I did not think a bit of it, nor did I install it on office computer. I did try to browse over internet to find out what it meant but not all dictionary engines supported the word.
    Yeah I know bout your sis marrying the Dutch dude. But why should you learn the language, which would make you learn like from ZERO? It doesn't really connect with your own private life, right? To rethink again, almost all Dutch speak English. Fluent, or not fluent, they do speak it. Don't worry/bother to learn it, except you have your own specific reason why, or you just WANT to learn it. Language is one thing to learn that needs continuation. When you don't think you'll ever use it again, or you'll practise it in your everyday life, it's gonna be wasted. At least to me. Cause that's why I don't want to learn Chinese, when other Indonesian people do so. *grin*.

    Dreamer, thanks to you too for dropping by my blog! :) I'll also make some visits to yours every once in a while.

    Dana, hi again!!! Yes yes, I lost something but in return I'm getting a promising love. It happened in almost the same time, though. So I was kinda confused what I actually felt. Hehehe.. Was I happy or sad? But... I can tell I'm happy at the moment. :) Thanks. *hug*

  8. hahaha...
    iya seh... tapi lately makin banyak org sekitarku yang bicara dutch...so yeah, aku juga pengen nambah 1 keahlian bahasa. And Dutch is an excellent choice :)

  9. La...barusan baca blog mu stelah sekian lama... YA AMPUN that camera yg kamu biasa pake buat foto kucing2,Imoet dibalik pagar,sexy pics..foto2 mengagumkan yg selalu kuliat di deviantart itu???
    Deepest condolences La... I'm not that into photography, but I own a digicam myself and love that Sony camera to death, last week it fell onto the hard ground and broke, I cried my eyes out. Now it's fixed, with bruises here and there and I swear to God I'll keep that thing next to my heart, never to lose it again even for one single bruise.

    Btw aku taruh namamu buat link blog-ku ya? Kamu sering2 mampir tempatku kan? Have fun with ur "new guy"! You'll see how life takes out something and replaces it with better stuffs coming up! :)

  10. Coolz, good luck then. :) If you want a sparing partner to practise it, call me anytime. :D

    Sheilaaaaaaaa, YES THAT CAMERA!!!! :((( Gile gimana gua nggak sedih. I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT! I don't care if I don't have any boyfriend as long as I can take pics everyday, but it's gone. Huaaaaa :(( *sob sob sob* But thanks for the wishes. Let's see where this gorgeous Mark will take me. What matters now is that he and I are happy, right? Oh and I aaamm. ;;) I'll live the moment to the fullest!