About Mood

It's so fucking hot today. Like hell. Naturally it makes everybody get easily angry and find troubles.

There is this someone I know, who is very often moody. When he is, he can bitch really hard and hurt people around him. Including me. He didn't seem to realise it obviously. Especially after I had this stupid incident.

It was my turn to be moody today. The heat was killing me and I wasn't very much interested in socialising. So when he greeted me on yahoo messenger I warned him in the very first moment that my mood was fucked up. He, however, was in a more fortunate state, that he didn't have to be trapped in this so very hot city of Surabaya. So his mood was okay.

Not long after the greet, I started to be bitching. A bad one. A very bad one. I've hardly do harsh stuff like that to people, but I felt like it. I meant it to be a joke but it didn't turn out to be accepted like one.

So he was mad.

So I was sorry.

So I sent him an apology email and sms.

So he sent me an sms reply of: Stay moody. Don't give me these shits.

I am hurt. I am sad. I am angry.

Is he the only one who has the right to bitch when he's moody?


Updated on April 25, 2005

I borrowed Veve's mobile phone when I smsed him. And when he replied me as such, I was too pissed to send another apology sms. So I turned it off and returned it to Vei. Last weekend I checked my number, and I got an sms from him (on the same unlucky day) that it was okay. My mood was kind of contagious but it's ok. So I guess we're normal again now. Phew!


  1. As I always said (to Pepei and other frenz), everybody has the right to bitch someone coz everybody is someone else's bitch as well. It's a circle of this mean life. But apparently when we hurt someone, the wounds might not be forgotten easily, though they may have forgiven us. So let him heal, let him cool down, and let all the heat that covers your head today be away with the freshness of the night air.

    And everything will be alright tomorrow :) Trust me.

  2. Well, two moody persons should have understood each other.

    It's just a matter of bad timing, bad day, and bad mood, so it's a bit hard not to bitch and hurt others.

    Just take the consequences. I'm sure things will be okay. He just needs some time to cool down. You've said sorry in any way you can. He'll forgive you. You've forgiven him all this time anyway.

    Cheer up!

  3. yesterday was really hot.
    you're not alone to be moody person. me either, started when i was at home.
    everybody has the same right for it.
    when there are more than 2 ppl involve somebody intend to be level headed and understand w/ others (hopefully).
    sometimes when i am in a bad mood, i prefer to give myself time to enter my solitary for a while.

  4. Thanks, peeps. Your words are comforting. I hope I didn't ruin our friendship.. but I do feel I have the right to get pissed. Like I can't be moody and he can. *sigh*

    He's quite precious to me.. One of a very few people I trust (and when I mean it's few, it's few). I don't want to lose anything we've had so far. But still.. being human, it's just so hard to always take a step back to please everybody. Plus the heat, I seemed to blow the stress up to one wrong person.

    I realised I was bad, and I was sorry that I was. I was sad cause I didn't know how to make it up.. I was angry cause he seemed to be too selfish. I couldn't sleep last night just because of this suppose-to-be simple misunderstanding. I wasn't simple at all when it connected to someone's feelings. :(

    So.. I'm off from chatting today, maybe until the end of the week. Before letting him cool down, I need to cool down myself as well. So I won't bitch someone else. Bleh.

  5. carlaaa.. abis dugem ma nina/vitria/imut/rina yaa?? ughh pengen ikuuut!!! .. shoot .. bete, lama ga dugem ma kalian .. kangen nih!!

  6. miaaaa.. apa kabar non!!! aku dapat salammu dari Vitria. Danke schon. makanyaaa pulang gih.. biar bisa ndugem bareng. ato doain aja aku dapet jackpot dan bisa pergi ke NL lagi. hehehe...

  7. Carla,

    Thank you graciously for the comment on my blog.
    And, perhaps, the wavering suspicions that, yes, I am being watched. ;)

    I read some of your past posts and I enjoyed the one about 'being beautiful by being yourself'. You have very unique perceptions and wonderful outlooks on life.
    Keep writing.