I wish It did happen.

Last night I was home
holding my room key still in my hand.
I felt nothing but
pain all over my legs
and heart.
Weakly my eyes adjusted
in the dimly lighted room of mine,
to see you there in my bed. Just
before I swayed my fingers recklessly
and lost the grip of the keys.

I blinked five times and still not enough,
that it was you I was looking at,
and there you looking back at me.
It was forever until I
gasped out for a breath and clear brain.
I attempted to produce a small sound, which
miserably failed..
You smiled knowingly and rose
to your feet,
to softly yet a little roughly
pulled me to your slender self.
And I lost my consciousness when
you touched my lips.

Sweatily you held me,
or I held you?
all night long.
No words were coming out from
either of our mouths
, for they were in a better use
of our long lost affection.
There was no necessity for them at all;
words is,
for I saw your eyes,
and they told me enough..
that you were there for me.
That night.
That very beautiful night.

No promises made, as always.
But your smell stayed with me in the morning,
as a delicious additional essence for my coffee,
that I sipped at that moment,
as I sipped you then.

I smiled.
And oh, how I smiled.


  1. Sekarang aku yang ngiri Laa...

    Oooohhh the sweaty nights, oh the sweetness and talkless conversation... *envying*

  2. Nice.



  3. Bahasa sehari-hari kami di lapangan, "Mantap" ....
    .... blue oh blue ....